Eva Braun with her family; Berchtesgaden terrace on Easter

Reel 4 of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun. (Seized Enemy Records.);COLOR. Scenes of buildings, boats, probably Hamburg. Eva with her family on a boat. Scenes of city and the water. Women selling fish. Out at sea, military boats, other boats. Hands from deck of boat in Nazi salute. Docking, man shaking woman’s hand.

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Hitler’s retreat: Goebbels, Himmler, Hitler, dogs, children

Reel 2 of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records).;COLOR [See IWM GWY 1180] Panoramic view from the terrace of Hitler’s Berghof retreat, Haus Wachenfeld. Eva Braun greets Josef Goebbels as he arrives in a Mercedes-Cabriolet and comes upstairs to Berghof. 02:36:57 Hitler with his physician, Dr. Karl Brandt. 02:38:05 New arrivals

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Easter service in Kiev

Children play with bunnies in prewar Vienna

Peter Schur rides down the street on his scooter, which seems more his size now. He cuts paper, then boils an egg. People come over with a basket, followed by scenes outdoors with a plate of eggs, and then shots of rabbits (perhaps this is Easter?). The kids play with the rabbits

Verdoner family celebrates Easter

Notes from original film indicate that the Verdoner family is celebrating Easter, April 1939. EXT, MLS, Gerrit and Francisca Verdoner in their garden. VS, MCUs Francisca playing in the yard with a toy baby doll and baby carriage. Her older sister Yoka is also playing in the garden with her. They are searching for Easter

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