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A. M. Harper, Scenes from the Gulf Coast

This short home movie from the A.M. Harper collection shot along the Texas Gulf Coast includes scenes of recreational fishing as well as recording imagery of the local shrimping and oil drilling industries.

A. M. Harper, Hook, Line and Sinker

The home movie Hook, Line and Sinker documents Harper with friends and family as they enjoy a day of fishing and boating off the Texas coast at Port Aransas.

Bell Family, 1984 San Antonio & Corpus Christi

Youngest son of the Gatesville based Bell family, Wendell Bell begins filming his own family with scenes of his wife and baby relaxing in a hammock and enjoying each others’ company.

A. M. Harper, Birds in Coastal Habitat

This short home movie from the A.M. Harper collection takes a look at characteristic Gulf Coast beach and grassland habitat and some of the shore birds and waterfowl that reside or migrate through it, including the endangered Whooping Crane.

The Coltman Collection, no. 5 – Corpus Christi and Austin, 1968

This home movie reel from the Coltman Collection captures the family enjoying a vacation in Corpus Christi, swimming and cooking hot dogs on the beach. It also includes footage of the family back in Austin, swimming at Barton Springs and taking in fall foliage.

The Coltman Collection, no. 6 – Port Aransas and Austin, 1969

This home movie from the Coltman Collection captures the family on vacation in Port Aransas, exploring the dunes and building sand castles. It also shows the family enjoying the river in New Braunfels and visiting Santa’s sleigh outside of Montgomery Ward’s in the Capitol Plaza parking lot in Austin.

The Coltman Collection, no. 12 – Trip to Port Isabel

This home movie from the Coltman collection captures scenes of the family enjoying the beach and waves at Port Isabel, where they visit the historic Port Isabel Lighthouse.

A. M. Harper, Fishing Trips

This home movie from the A.M. Harper collection contains footage from various fishing expeditions along the Texas Gulf Coast, including a prize sailfish catch at the 19th Annual Texas International Fishing Tournament in Port Isabel.

Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 75 – Fishing in Seabrook, Texas (1974)

This home movie captures scenes of Dr. Freeman taking a group of young men on a fishing trip in Seabrook, Texas. On a large boat, the men catch fish and crabs, enjoy the water, and visit. Later, they sit together in the Freemans’ backyard and clean their catches, then have a fish fry.