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Yousefi Family Collection, no. 2 – Party Dancing and Singing (2000)

In this home movie, Plano’s Yousefi family visits Iran, and their extended family there throws a party. Several teenagers show off their dance moves, then a man sings a song a soulful song in Persian.

The Ouida Whitaker Dean Collection, no. 19 – The Young Life of Jeffery Sullivan

This home movie from the 1970s captures scenes of a day in the life of Ouida Whitaker Dean’s grand-nephew, Jeffrey Sullivan. After introducing himself, Sullivan shows us around his home in Nacogdoches, strolling through the crops and visiting the livestock. He also plays with his pets and hangs out with his family. This film charmingly

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Smile, Laugh, Cry (2013)

This student film, made by Charlie Sanchez, uses archival footage from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image to explore the experience of growing up with family on both sides of the Texas-Mexico border. The film examines how the border divides two societies, but Sanchez, through the experience of getting to know his family in

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Picón Family Memories – Dancing on Christmas (1976)

This home movie captures scenes of the Picon family dancing in the living room on Christmas of 1976. Members of the family from all generations join in on the dancing to celebrate the holiday.

The Ravel Films, no. 2 – Rita’s 6th Birthday (1952)

This home movie from El Paso’s Ravel family captures the family posing for a portrait with new baby Elise, followed by scenes of Rita’s 6th birthday party where children sit around a table in the backyard for a meal and cake.

The Cruz Family Collection, no. 6 – A Lively Christmas and Easter Bunny Pi

This home movie from El Paso captures scenes of the Cruz family having a lively Christmas celebration where young boys play guitar and couples dance in front of the Christmas tree. Scenes of a birthday party with an Easter Bunny pi

The Baylor Family Collection, no. 14 – Family Trips, 1970 – 1971

This home movie captures the Baylors on a trip to Mission Espiritu Santo in Goliad State Historical Park, sailing, camping, hunting, and spending time with extended family.

The Baylor Family Collection, no. 15 – Trips to the Hill Country and Waco, 1971

This home movie captures the Baylor family visiting Fredericksburg, Kerrville, and Waco, canoeing, camping, and spending time with extended family.

Moore Family Films, no. 7 – Oil Men at the Moore Home (c. 1956)

This home movie captures scenes of young men in the Moore family that were members of the U.S. Army posing in uniform with their mother, Dixie Moore, in the yard. Scenes of a Moore family Christmas and an older couple with dollhouses are also included.

Moore Family Films, no. 5 – Family in Abilene (c. 1956)

This home movie captures scenes of the Moore family relaxing and golfing in the yard, operations at one of Lamar Moore’s drilling rigs, and the extended family gathering for the graduation of a Moore family member from Abilene’s Hardin-Simmons University.