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Yousefi Family Collection, no. 2 – Party Dancing and Singing (2000)

In this home movie, Plano’s Yousefi family visits Iran, and their extended family there throws a party. Several teenagers show off their dance moves, then a man sings a song a soulful song in Persian.

The Ouida Whitaker Dean Collection, no. 19 – The Young Life of Jeffery Sullivan

This home movie from the 1970s captures scenes of a day in the life of Ouida Whitaker Dean’s grand-nephew, Jeffrey Sullivan. After introducing himself, Sullivan shows us around his home in Nacogdoches, strolling through the crops and visiting the livestock. He also plays with his pets and hangs out with his family. This film charmingly

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Moore Family Films, no. 7 – Oil Men at the Moore Home (c. 1956)

This home movie captures scenes of young men in the Moore family that were members of the U.S. Army posing in uniform with their mother, Dixie Moore, in the yard. Scenes of a Moore family Christmas and an older couple with dollhouses are also included.

Moore Family Films, no. 5 – Family in Abilene (c. 1956)

This home movie captures scenes of the Moore family relaxing and golfing in the yard, operations at one of Lamar Moore’s drilling rigs, and the extended family gathering for the graduation of a Moore family member from Abilene’s Hardin-Simmons University.

The Steve Gomez Collection, no. 16 – Dancing at the Flores Family Christmas (1963)

This home movie captures scenes of the Flores family celebrating Christmas in 1963. After opening presents, the Flores family celebrates by dancing in the living room.

The Ryan Battle Collection, no. 5 – Family and Pets at the Lakehouse (1978)

This home movie captures scenes of the Battle family in 1978 as they relax in the backyard of a house backing up to a lake. The family plays with their dog and happily enjoys cocktails with friends.

The Marks Family Films, no. 1 – Longhorns at LH7 Ranch (1961)

This home movie captures scenes of Emil Henry Marks, also known as E. H. Marks, surveying the longhorns at the LH7 Ranch in Barker in July 1961. Marks was one of the first cattlemen on the Gulf Coast to cross breed Brahman bulls with common longhorn cattle. His ranch, the LH7, also protected the foundation

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The Cristela Gonzalez Bond Collection, no. 8 – The Quincea

This home movie captures scenes of Cristela Gonzalez

The Easterwood Family Films, no. 15 – Wheat Farming and Family Reunion (1959)

This home movie captures scenes of combines in wheat fields, agricultural burning of the wheat fields after harvest, an Easterwood family reunion, and a field of Airstream trailers. Likely double exposed on accident, the film nonetheless has a beautiful aesthetic quality due to the resulting etheral layers of picturesque images of farming and family.

The Rogelio D. Quinones Collection, no. 5 – 1950

This home movie captures scenes of an El Paso family in 1950. Of special note are scenes of the family at the historic Old Juarez Racetrack the day before the first Mexican road race from Juarez to the Guatemala border. In addition to the classic cars seen ready to race, the footage is significant as

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