Berghof: Sepp Dietrich, Eva’s family, dogs, colleagues

Reel 3A of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records).;COLOR. Scenes taken from an airplane. Woman with two young children. Gen. Joseph (Sepp) Dietrich, Chief of Waffen SS, CUs on terrace reading documents, playing with Albert Speer’s children, holding little girl on lap. Eva with members of family. Scenes of a town.;03:04:30

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Hitler’s retreat: Goebbels, Himmler, Hitler, dogs, children

Reel 2 of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records).;COLOR [See IWM GWY 1180] Panoramic view from the terrace of Hitler’s Berghof retreat, Haus Wachenfeld. Eva Braun greets Josef Goebbels as he arrives in a Mercedes-Cabriolet and comes upstairs to Berghof. 02:36:57 Hitler with his physician, Dr. Karl Brandt. 02:38:05 New arrivals

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Hitler’s visit to Rome, May 1938

Crowds in Vienna during Anschluss; Hitler; Goebbels