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The Ernest M. Hunt Family Film Collection, no. 3 – Old Mexico Trip, 1940

Captured in this home movie from the Hunt Family Collection is a trip to Mexico City, highlights of which include the Diego Rivera home, the floating gardens of Xochimilco, and a bullfight.

The Ludeke Family Collection, no. 11 – Easter in Seymour, TX

James and Joreen Ludeke settled in Wichita County in 1954 and raised their 6 children on their ranch located on the former site of the Four Sixes Horse Ranch and the North West Oil field. Their film collection features scenes of farm life set against a backdrop of North Central Texas prairie, the Red River,

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1961-1962: Seattle

A Sisak family home movie shot in Seattle, Washington while Mr. Sisak and his family were stationed there during the 1961 Berlin Crisis. The film features historical Seattle sites, including the Capitol Building and the Space Needle. The film also includes panoramas of the city, family visits to gardens, rural driving scenes and footage of

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