The Ernest M. Hunt Family Film Collection, no. 1 – El Paso Trip, 1939

Beginning at a seemingly sparse airfield in El Paso, this footage from the Ernest M. Hunt Family Film Collection, provides a glimpse into a trip by the family that included visiting Fort Bliss for a military review of mounted cavalry, playing golf, and horseback riding. Particularly noteworthy sections of this film include rodeo events, aerial

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The Cummings Collection, no. 6 – California and Fort Bliss Cavalry Parade (1940-47)

This home movie captures scenes of the Cummings family vacationing to the ocean on the coast of California. There, they visit the site of the Golden Gate International Exposition, a part of the World’s Fair. Back home in El Paso, the family goes to Fort Bliss where they watch the Cavalry Parade.

The Ernest M. Hunt Family Film Collection, no. 2 – Visit to New Mexico and West Texas, 1937

Set against the desert mountain backdrop of West Texas and New Mexico, members of the Hunt family capture the events of their trip to the Southwest. Their journey through New Mexico takes them to Bonnells Ranch in Glencoe where they participate in a cattle round up, then onto Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Las Cruces where

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