Home Movies: Can 11262: Detroit, Michigan Family, World War II-era

Home movies shot in and around the home of a Detroit, Michigan family, probably during World War II.

Home Movies: Can 11281: Cross-Country Road Trip, Visit to New York City and New York World’s Fair, ca. 1964-65

Home movies shot by an African American family on their road trip to New York City and the New York World’s Fair, ca. 1964-65. Includes street scenes of New York City, motels and houses of friends, and scenes shot at the Fair.

Eva Braun & family vacation; Hitler at Berghof

Reel 6 of the private motion pictures Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records).;COLOR. Inside Eva Braun’s house at Wasserburgerstrasse 12 in Munich. Eva’s father Friedrich Braun tying string around trunk. Two men removing trunk and large duffel bag to truck. Eva walking towards camera with a film camera in her hands, which she’s winding. Eva on

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Agro-joint colonies in the Crimea

See Tape 2847 for the first part of this footage. Dr. Yefim Lubarsky, vice-president of the Agro-Joint, presents flowers to Pauline Baerwald Falk and Evelyn Morrissey (see Biographical/Historical Notes field for the background on this trip.). The women smile at the camera. Scene of a grassy field shot from a moving car. Scenes showing one

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Frieders on vacation, horseback riding, playing

People play and relax on the beach, probably in Hawaii. Morris Frieder and his girls wearing flowered leis aboard a boat.;00:00:47 Pan of a large garden in the Philippines, probably in Baguio City (see Tape 2957 at 00:02:56 for film of the same location when the girls are younger). Peggy and a younger girl (likely

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Eva Braun & family on holiday cruise

Reel 3B of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records).;B/W. Scenes in a mansion. Water, mountains, people. Eva Braun and companions on board a large steamer at sea, probably the ship Milwaukee, during a trip to Norway and Denmark.;03:30:20 COLOR. Woman walking down street, stops in front of window of Hamburg-Amerika Line.

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Hitler, Speer, Karl Brandt, Himmler, Heydrich, Ribbentrop

Reel 1 of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records). Film titles/locations include: Am Chiemsee, Wolfgangsee, Aschauer Weiher [pond], Woerthsee, Punktchen am Berg.;B/W. Eva Braun swims with her parents and others at the Koenigsee, near Berchtesgaden. Scenes at waterfall. 02:03:45 Munich, inside Eva Braun’s home at Wasserburgerstrasse 12. INT, Eva Braun with

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Frieder family at their estate in Manila; children at camp; Jewish refugee family from Europe; Alice’s birthday

Alex and Corinne Frieder’s children swim in the pool at their home in Manila. Louise and Edna hold up Alice. Edna poses and shows off for the camera. Edna, Louise, and Alice dance around their grandmother, also named Corinne, seated in a chair. Swans in the second pond in front of the house. Edna, Louise,

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Frieder estate in Manila; family visits Baguio

Pan of the Frieder family villa exteriors in Manila, including gardens, grounds, lush vegetation. People work in the large garden. View of Manila beyond the estate from roof(?) of villa. 00:02:56 Brief shot of the girls at play followed by views of the grounds at Camp John Hay in Baguio City in 1933. Jane and

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Cohen-Paraira family in the city before the war

Ellis and her brother Abraham pose in front of blooming tree, probably in Scheveningen in 1938. Deer grazing at a park in the Hague. David with Ellis and Marian Viskoop, a family friend later killed at Sobibor. 01:10:33 A pier close to the family home on Maastrichtsestraat in Scheveningen, “SCH” on the boats. 01:10:37 Good

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