Celebration in Luxembourg; Nice, Monaco coastline; returning to New York

Frieders travel home via China

The Frieder family stops over in Hong Kong (like the brief shot in Tape 2956 at 00:02:46) – Corinne and the children ride in rickshaws, locals in the street. The Frieder family tours a park with massive Buddha statue. More street scenes with locals. 01:08:52 Rickshaws with the Frieders. Crowds next to a large docked

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US Army soldiers on Omaha Beach, France

MS, parade of soldiers in naval uniforms march through city streets (unidentified army) carrying rifles. An awning sign reads: “HAMILTON and BELL.” Another store sign reads: “HUINS.” To the left, a banner hangs from a window: “SOLDIER TO SOLDIER” with drawings of a marching soldier on either side of the banner. A different group of

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Frieder estate in Manila; family visits Baguio

Pan of the Frieder family villa exteriors in Manila, including gardens, grounds, lush vegetation. People work in the large garden. View of Manila beyond the estate from roof(?) of villa. 00:02:56 Brief shot of the girls at play followed by views of the grounds at Camp John Hay in Baguio City in 1933. Jane and

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Frieder family at their estate in Manila; children at camp; Jewish refugee family from Europe; Alice’s birthday

Alex and Corinne Frieder’s children swim in the pool at their home in Manila. Louise and Edna hold up Alice. Edna poses and shows off for the camera. Edna, Louise, and Alice dance around their grandmother, also named Corinne, seated in a chair. Swans in the second pond in front of the house. Edna, Louise,

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Kan family travels to and from New York by ship

Color. “Transatlantique – Linea Frances” and title: “Le Havre – Southampton – New York – Depart du Mercredi 15 Fevrier.” New York City. Camera pans up and down showing city streets and skyscrapers (shot from the top of a building). 01:08:36 Man, woman (Jeanne?), and young boy walk towards the camera – it appears the

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Ruins of Nuremberg; Flag-raising

Man drives Army vehicle up into an airplane. MS, soldier. Airplane. Soldier kneeling on the ground folding a map. Pan of massive postwar destruction in Nuremberg(?). Buildings are piles of rubble, houses have been burnt and destroyed. Soldiers walk amongst the destruction. Frames of buildings stand. MS, church with half-walls, piles of debris from bombs

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Lieberman family hiking in the Carpathians and at a farm

The Lieberman family is walking along a mountain path, hiking in the Carpathian Mountains, near their vacation home in Jaremcze. Scenic view of the rolling hills of the area. They crawl under a wire fence. 02:09:34 Quick view of a man with a necktie holding a U.S. flag

1935 Inauguration of the Philippine Commonwealth

Inauguration of the Philippine Commonwealth (of the United States). The Commonwealth was created by the Tydings-McDuffie Act, which was passed by Congress in 1934. When Manuel L. Quezon was elected president in September 1935, he became the first Filipino to head a government of the Philippines. The Commonwealth Government was inaugurated on the morning of

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Military personnel return home

High views of military personnel packed tightly on the deck of a large ship. A man plays a piano and people sing. Scenes from the boat deck. American flag at mast. Captain Beatrice Wachter departed Europe for the United States on November 21, 1945