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[Quincy Market Centennial] Version 2

One of two films sponsored by the Faneuil Hall Markets Century Celebration in 1926. This industrial film details the history of the markets, and showcases industries surrounding the market, from farms to fisheries, as well as the communities served by the markets. This film was most likely made to be shown to the members of

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[Manley Nelson–home movies] Reel 5

Can Descriptions: Dates from edge codes on film. // Note in can: ‘Pipe Line Construction. Memorial Bridge in Augusta Construction.’ Viewing Notes: Seaweed harvesting from Boat. Recreational sailing, men fishing from large dory and from side of lobster boat. Clearing with bulldozers, laying pipeline. D.A. Fogg Excavating steam shovel. Cutting, welding pipe.

[Lloyd B. Hayes–home movies] Reel 1

Men walk among piles of lobster traps along the water as a few young boys explore the traps. One of the men wrestles with a boy. Footage of the fishermen sitting on lobster traps eating dried cod as a boy watches. Footage of a fisherman walking and resting on the dock then rowing a boat

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