[Cary Maple Sugar Company—outtakes] Reel 1

[Notes paraphrased from M.M. Thomas History] Men (George Cary, Albert Leland and others) drive a team of oxen pulling a collection tank up to an unloading trough alongside the Jones sugarhouse. In the background the sugarhouse is billowing steam from the boiling occurring inside. Scene continues to show the process of unloading the sap by

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Home Movies: Can 11272: Detroit, Michigan 200th Anniversary Celebration Parade, 1951

Home movies shot at the parade celebrating the city of Detroit, Michigan’s 200th anniversary, 1951. Begins with brief shot of the boxer Joe Louis riding in convertible, and pictures many marching bands, associations, groups and thematic floats.

Sightseeing in Germany

EXT and INT of a church. In Dresden, the Zwinger Palace and Equestrian Statue of King John. River. Large garden and estate. City square with some traffic and pedestrians. German family walks through a park. 01:10:03 Bustling street with traffic in Berlin. Brandenburg gate. Barracks of a building under construction. 01:10:44 Pan of a building

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Alex Frieder and family visit tobacco plantations and workers in the provinces

A Filipino man riding a water buffalo takes Alex Frieder for a ride in a cart pulled by the buffalo. Tobacco field, possibly in the Cagayan Valley and other provinces in the Philippines. Native Filipino men stand before bamboo hut. Alex inspects tobacco leaves for purchase. Alex talks with villagers. Locals show him how to

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Men at a logging factory

Men in traditional dress roll a log onto a large pile. These are all felled trees. Six men labor to get it going. They finally get it there and look at the camera. Brief glimpse of the children in dark winter coats at 02:05:36

Logging factory in the winter

A man with a toothbrush mustache is drawn by a horse. It is a winter scene of a logging yard. A group of men sit around a source of steam or smoke, but no fire is visible. Horses bring in the next group of trees affixed to sleds. Grandfather Sperber (with beard). Flagpole. Children appear

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