Third Congress of the Central Committee of the Liberated Jews in the U.S. Zone of Germany

INT, meeting of the Third Congress of the She’erit ha-Pletah in Bad Reichenhall, Germany. Shots of Jewish DPs (orthodox and secular) in attendance, the press, voting, speakers, and the stage with featured participants. Spectators touring a photograph exhibition. 01:02:53 Short dark sequence of Yizkor ceremony, followed by more images of the exhibition, including CUs of

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Country pavilions at International Exposition in Paris, 1937

Daytime, line to get into the expo grounds, guards stamping passes. View of country pavilions: Denmark. Austria. Canada. 01:17:30 German pavilion – the largest at the Exposition. CUs, eagle sculpture at top of building, swastika. Belgium. Radio. Italy. Sweden. USA. Czechoslovakia. Food stalls. MSs aquarium, turtle

International Exposition in Paris at night: fireworks

Dachau crematorium and museum

EXT, Dachau camp. Sign displayed in front of Dachau’s first crematorium, “This area is being retained as a shrine to the 238,000 individuals who were cremated here. Please don’t destroy.” Slow pan of camp buildings and large white cross marking the old gallows stand. INT, crematorium, ovens (overexposed). MS, sign in four languages: “Old Gallows

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Building the International Exposition in Paris

International Exposition in Paris: river, buildings and pavilions under construction for opening in May 1937 (date of this footage unknown, possibly 1935 as follows shots of Barbusse’s death in Moscow in 1935). Sign: “Exposition Internationale de 1937 section de la -nce d’outremer” Sign: “Exposition Internationale de 1937 Pavillon des Stats du Levant enterprise generale Les

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International Exposition in Paris, 1937

People at International Exposition in Paris in 1937. Statues. Foot of Eiffel Tower. Aerial shots, crowds, pavilions. CUs, people transported in little train car (powered by automobile). MSs, German pavilion with eagle at top. Buildings with sign: “Dauphine” and “A la Cicogne.” Boat in river, traveling shot of pavilions and large statues. Children walking over

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Pavilion attractions and entertainment at the International Exposition in Paris, 1937

Expofilm. Le Plus beau souvenir de l’Exposition” 01:08:12 German flag with swastika flying with other country flags. Country maps. Child dressed like Churchill with cigarette. Adults gathered to watch play with midgets dressed in period-attire. 01:09:29 “Expofilm presente” “en exclusivite” “les parcs d’attraction” Amusement ride for children, airplane. 01:10:11 “et leurs etonnantes nouveautes” Amusement park

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The De la Mora Documentations, no. 1 – Cheech Marin in El Paso (2003)

This home movie documents scenes of museum culture and city events in El Paso in 2003. Footage includes scenes from the Chicano Visions exhibit opening at the El Paso Museum of Art, as well as Cheech Marin speaking at an exhibit opening at Insights El Paso Science Center.

The Father Emil Wesselsky Collection – LBJ and Lady Bird Visit the San Antonio World’s Fair (1968)

This home movie captures scenes of the preparations for the San Antonio World’s Fair, the HemisFair, in 1968; the celebrations in full swing; and President Lyndon B. Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson, and Governor John Connally visiting the HemisFair on July 4, 1968. In addition to the President and First Lady’s visit, other notable scenes include

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The Easterwood Family Films, no. 4 – Century 21 Exposition (1962)

This home movie captures scenes of the Easterwood family visiting the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair – The Century 21 Exposition. The film focuses primarily on the Space Needle, which was the tallest building west of the Mississippi at the time.