History of 303rd Field Artillery

Col. Redding chronicles the progress of the 303rd Field Artillery, primarily in Germany, includes DPs, POWs, and camps for Russian and Polish refugees.;Map of Marienbad. Footage of the spa town around May 5, 1945. Newspaper headlines: VE Day, “Churchill, King George Speak Today.” GIs on lawn in front of hotel. Radio. Roads with released German

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Liberation: Germany; Czechoslovakia: Soviet and American Armies

VS, high angle, woman in an overcoat walking down street, man in U.S. Army uniform holding a box, walking down street. Two separate shots of the woman walking. Cut to VS, pan of sky and clouds, for a brief moment a small plane is visible, flying low. Plane on an airstrip, the man in Army

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KdF performance in occupied Paris

A dance or circus performance of some kind, on a stage, including acrobatics, juggling, ice skating, and a comic routine with man dressed as a cowboy riding a bucking “horse”. This was most likely a Kraft durch Freude (KdF) variety performance to exhibit German artists

Street performer; riverside

Street perfomer. Birds flying. Sunset. Boat, river with buildings at shore

Touring Paris

Jacoby family tours Paris. CUs, pan up Eiffel Tower. Various sights in Paris: EXTs of buildings, statues. French on streets. “John Baillie” tailor shop. Opera House. Traffic. Cafe la Paix. Street scenes. Brasserie. S. Raphael (hotel) car. Champs d’Elysee. Arc de Triomphe. Obelisk in Place de la Concorde. Street scenes, civilians, gardens with pond &

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Pavilion attractions and entertainment at the International Exposition in Paris, 1937

Expofilm. Le Plus beau souvenir de l’Exposition” 01:08:12 German flag with swastika flying with other country flags. Country maps. Child dressed like Churchill with cigarette. Adults gathered to watch play with midgets dressed in period-attire. 01:09:29 “Expofilm presente” “en exclusivite” “les parcs d’attraction” Amusement ride for children, airplane. 01:10:11 “et leurs etonnantes nouveautes” Amusement park

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The J.R. Nelson, Jr. Collection, no. 10 – American West Road Trip, Carlsbad Caverns and Grand Canyon

This multi-reel home movie captures the Nelson family as they take a road trip across the American Southwest, headed to California via Carlsbad Caverns and the Grand Canyon.

The De la Mora Documentations, no. 1 – Cheech Marin in El Paso (2003)

This home movie documents scenes of museum culture and city events in El Paso in 2003. Footage includes scenes from the Chicano Visions exhibit opening at the El Paso Museum of Art, as well as Cheech Marin speaking at an exhibit opening at Insights El Paso Science Center.

The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 5 – Miami Vacation, The New Klondike (1925)

This intertitled home movie from Texas oilman E.B. Hopkins captures scenes of a family vacation to Miami, Florida in 1925. The family is in the Coral Gables area of Miami as the silent picture, The New Klondike, is filmed, resulting in scenes of alligators used in the film captured in this home movie. Scenes of

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The Maxie Davie Family, 1958-1970, no. 1 – Christmases and Vacations

This home movie from the Maxie Davie Family collection captures the family celebrating several Christmases and enjoying a few vacations. Included in the footage are scenes of the family visiting the Davie gravesite at the Woodmen Cemetery in Dekalb, and the seaside in Corpus Christi.