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US Army medical unit conducts target practice and eats

American soldiers (US Army) in an open field for target practice. The unit’s medical truck is visible in the BG, identifiable by the large red cross on the side of the truck. VS of the members of the unit shooting guns, setting up targets, sorting ammunition, talking, etc. The soldiers take a break: CU of

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Tennenbaum family films; Jewish life in Nazi Austria

November 1937. Robert (Bobby) Tennenbaum (donor) at age 2 in the Volksgarten park in Vienna with his mother, Ernestine (Erna). Shots of Bobby, wearing a winter coat and hat, smiling and running in the park, while his mother and grandfather look on. Closer views of Erna and grandfather. Erna wears a fur stole around her

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Postwar: Verdoner family at the beach

EXT, Yoka Verdoner playing table tennis. Francisca Verdoner walking among cabanas at the beach in Zandvoort, near Haarlem, the Verdoner family’s summer vacation spot. This footage was shot post war. The Verdoner children were hidden children. Their mother Hilde was deported to Auschwitz where she perished. CU of the children at the beach. Yoka and

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Zeilsheim DP Camp

Life at Zeilsheim DP camp (a small German town converted into a DP center), including a protest march and Robinson family members in various settings.;All footage shot in camp. Fay and Alice play in snow, houses in BG. Joseph (born in Zeilsheim on August 25, 1946) in the baby carriage. Children play near house. Children

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Sunday School trip to Mintard, Germany

Sonntagschule Duisburg-Meiderich Quadtstr.” Led by Fritz Fackert and Oskar Brauner. “Sommerausflug 1936 nach Mintard” [A Summer Outing to Mintard, 1936] The youngsters (along with their parents) march along to the festival area. Children and their parents relaxing and frolicking about in a grassy area: playing soccer, drinking chocolate milk, and being sociable

Kan children perform skits; at the beach in Zandvoort

Sign placed next to a pot of flowers. INT, Robert and Betsy perform skits, adults watch (presumably at the Villa Elsa in 1938). Robert wears a military style uniform with a hat and plume and a toy gun. He bows to the audience (not seen) and salutes the camera. CUs are not in focus. Betsy

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Schermeister family vacationing in Snekkersten, 1929

An indoor shot of the donor’s great grandparents, Leopold and Franzisca Cohen. They exit the door to their vacation home in Snekkersten, along with Bernhard (donor’s grandfather) and his sister. The extended family on the lawn. The three girls, Lis (donor’s mother), Jeanne, and Inge, eat ice cream with Bernhard’s mother (Hana Schermeister). Various family

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Children eat and play on the terrace with their parents, prewar Poland

The two children eat at a small table out of bowls. Nurse, and Thomas’s mother Nelly sit and watches them eat, often correcting what could be considered early table manners. Hanna runs around with a wooden cane. The children play with fake cigarettes. They then are given buckets and watering cans by Hanna’s mother Ella.

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Hanna eats and plays on the terrace with Lieberman family, prewar Poland

CU, Hanna, with a bow in her hair, eats out of a bowl. She looks around a lot, and plays a bit, but seems to enjoy the food. Cut to outside, the kids are playing with their wagon, and many more adults are around this time. Thomas has a large toy car as well