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Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 52 – Summer Trip to the East Coast

This home movie captures scenes of the Freeman Family taking a road trip up the East Coast to celebrate July 4th and Mother’s Day, stopping to sightsee and visit family along the way. At one stop, the Freemans visit what appears to be cousins or family friends, and the children spend the afternoon swimming in

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The Murphy Family Collection – Outdoor Fun and Foley’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (1953)

This home movie from the Murphy Family Collection captures scenes of the family having fun outdoors in 1953. They play with their pets in their yard, watch cattle in a pasture and an air show, get a haircut in the yard, visit the beach in Galveston, celebrate a birthday, and rake leaves. Great scenes of

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Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 53 – Trip to Virginia, Virgina Union University Commencement (1970)

This home movie captures scenes of Dr. Freeman visiting family in Virginia, where he spends time at the family produce market and delivers a guest sermon. Later, footage of commencement ceremonies for Virginia Union University held at the Mosque Theater in Richmond, Virgina is included.

Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 32 – Carlotta’s Trip (1971) Thomas F. Freeman

This home movie captures scenes of Carlotta Freeman and her father taking a trip together in 1971 to visit family in Richmond, Virginia. Scenes of their flights, Carlotta gardening and helping her family at their produce market, and the family spending time together at home are included.