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Sightseeing in Paris; women modeling new dresses

Another day, showing monument/great building, two women with another German officer. Focus on one (not the same woman as shown previously), who is smiling and laughing. She tips her hat to the camera. 01:05:18 in a park. Two women from the previous scene are laughing and swinging on a swing set, standing up. An older

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Yousefi Family Collection, no. 3 – Family Funeral (1997)

This home movie captures scenes of Plano’s Yousefi family attending a funeral for a family member, where they observe the graveside traditions of their Iranian-American community. The mourners take part in prayers and songs led by a clergy member.

Yousefi Family Collection, no. 4 – Yousefi Wedding, Traditional Persian Ceremony (2001)

This home movie captures scenes of the Yousefi family celebrating traditional Persian wedding customs at their daughter’s wedding in Addison, Texas. The bride and groom sit under a silk shawl held by family members in front of their wedding spread while the traditional ceremony is performed in both English and Persian.

The Murphy Family Collection – Christmas Celebration

This home movie from the Murphy Family Collection captures scenes of the family celebrating Christmas in a festively decorated home. They open presents, eat, drink, and laugh with each other in front of a lovely Christmas tree. A baby takes some of his first steps, a boy gets loving kisses from his dog, and a

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Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 43 – Funeral in Lewisville, TX no. 79

This home movie captures scenes of the Freeman family attending a funeral in Lewisville, Texas.

Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 20 – Funerals

This home movie includes footage from several graveside funerals, in at least one of which, Thomas F. Freeman serves as a pallbearer.

The Herrera Family Collection, no. 4 – Family Wedding (1989)

This home movie captures scenes of a wedding ceremony in 1989 where a member of El Paso

Melton Barker Family Film

This home movie captures scenes of itinerant filmmaker Melton Barker and his family as they travel through California, visit family, enjoy the outdoors, and attend celebrations, including a wedding.

Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 36 – Beach Camping and Easter (1971)

This home movie includes footage of Dr. Freeman camping with the kids on the beach and church scenes of Easter Sunday at Mt. Horem Baptist Church in 1971.

HP Wells Family Films – Junior League of Abilene Rummage Sale

This home movie from the HP Wells family captures scenes of the Junior League of Abilene preparing for a rummage sale. Women hang up clothes and display housewares, shoes, toys, and sporting equipment. The footage ends with a crowd rushing into the store to begin hunting for bargains.