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History of 303rd Field Artillery

Col. Redding chronicles the progress of the 303rd Field Artillery, primarily in Germany, includes DPs, POWs, and camps for Russian and Polish refugees.;Map of Marienbad. Footage of the spa town around May 5, 1945. Newspaper headlines: VE Day, “Churchill, King George Speak Today.” GIs on lawn in front of hotel. Radio. Roads with released German

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Zeilsheim DP Camp

Life at Zeilsheim DP camp (a small German town converted into a DP center), including a protest march and Robinson family members in various settings.;All footage shot in camp. Fay and Alice play in snow, houses in BG. Joseph (born in Zeilsheim on August 25, 1946) in the baby carriage. Children play near house. Children

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Sutin family footage

Family footage showing Rochelle and Cecilia Sutin in the Neu Freimann DP camp. Walking in park, Cecilia in baby carriage. CUs, Cecilia taking a bath, eating. 01:03:19 Julius Sutin (Jack Sutin’s father) with Cecilia in carriage. 01:04:41 An older Cecilia with two other children posing for the camera and playing in the street. DPs opening

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