The Historic Brownsville Museum Collection, no. 5 – Charro Days Fiesta

Charro Days Fiesta is held every year in Brownsville, TX to celebrate the rich traditions, culture and shared heritage of the Texas

Austin Aquatic Club Goes to Corpus Christi (1966)

An Austin Aquatic Club visit to a Corpus Christi beach is captured in this 1966 home movie footage. The Austin Aquatic Club, now known as Longhorn Aquatics, was coached and directed by former All-American Longhorn water polo swimmer, Wally Pryor from 1953 to 1975. This mob of candid youths mug for the camera and take

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Dancing–Julia Crafts Sheridan–home movies. Reel 12

Children and family in New York–Messler family–home movies. Reel 7

Color home movies of extended family and children outside home in New York.

Africa trip, 1973–Mortimer B. Fuller, Jr.–home movies. Reel 45

Abraham Katz–home movies. Reels 83-151

Black and white and color amateur footage of the Katz family in Cambridge, MA, on vacation around the United States, Caribbean, and France, weddings, parades, and family scenes.

[Unidentified—home movies] Reel 5

Shot of children dressed up, standing together holding rolled paper with ribbons tied around documents (diplomas or certificates). Dark shot of boys in tuxedos or suits standing one by one to acknowledge the camera. Musicians playing. Men, women, boys, girls all sit around the dance hall, are served refreshments from younger boys. Students get diplomas

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[Unidentified—home movies] Reel 4

Blindfolded man follows blindfolded boy around a table in middle of seated audience. Intertitle: “WALTZ CIRCLE” followed by couples dancing (waltzing) and a shot of the musicians playing. Intertitle: “THE LANCERS” followed by shot of lancers dancing. Intertitle: “OBSTACLE RACE” followed by shot of men putting on layers of clothing, and carrying various objects in

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[Helen V. Bird–home movies] Reel 8

Viewing Notes NHF cataloguer’s notes, 1/96 (donor’s notes in quotes; reel numbers are NHF-assigned): Reel 8: ‘1955-56. 1955 Mozart display. First high heels. Badminton. 1956 Lorna & her dog.’ Museum displays. Not too good (27:). Girls have first high heels (28:55). More costumes and dance (29:15). Girls on aquaplane behind boat (30:37). Playing badminton (31:44).

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[Alexander Forbes—home movies] Reel 6, Accession 2241

Box notes: “1932- Milton- 3 girls dancing on lawn in garden; short bit of 2 riders on horseback” Two young girls wearing gossamer dresses dance in the garden at Milton, leaping, and doing ballet-like moves. They have choreographed their presentation. They run through the garden gate, and jump off the gate posts. Views of the

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