[Nashua, NH Films] Reel 2

A shot of a large display shaped like a cake on a street corner that reads, “1853-1953 Happy Birthday.” A shot of a crowded street with booths set up along the sidewalk. A shot of a banner celebrating Nashua’s 100th Anniversary. Extensive footage of the parade including shots of the crowds lining the street and

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[Nashua, NH Films] Reel 1

A crowd is seated in bleachers under a ‘Gregg for Governor’ banner behind a man approaching a microphone. A photographer stands on top of a car. Another shot of the crowd. A marching band marches down a street. Footage of streets at night with neon signs visible. A ‘Gregg for Governor’ van drives by. Scenes

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[Cameron Bradley–home movies] Reel 4

Touring Germany

Scenes of the German countryside filmed from a train. 01:00:52 Busy square in the city of Dresden with a church, market and crowds, including the Katholische Hofkirche with an ornate facade and figurative statues and a nearby tower. Along the Elbe River, a boat named “Leipzig” is docked. 01:02:02 Street scenes and a large building.

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Hitler, high officials and entourage at the Berghof

Reel 7 of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records). According to IWM shotlist, the following individuals appear in this footage: Gustl Schulze-Cossens, Karl Jesko von Puttkammer, Walter Hewel, Albert Bormann, Baldur von Schirach, Heinrich Hoffmann, Khalid al Hud, Martin Bormann, Wilhelm Brueckner, Dr. Theodor Morell, Fritz Wiedemann, Nicolaus von Below, Sepp

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Train station in Humenne; village square

Reel 2.;Brief pan of Budapest (gray, repeated in Story 1451). Intertitle: Humenne — My Home Town, A Typical Slovakia Village. Trains, people board and deboard. Train station. Boy on peasant cart with cows and a wagon in the main square of Humenne. People gathered in the town square for market days (on Mondays and Fridays).

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Market; shops

Reel 2.;Intertitle: Market Days – Monday and Friday. Crowds mill about town square (fuzzy) on market day. 02:07:03 One of the visiting Americans buys a chicken from a vendor. Carts, cows, automobiles at the marketplace on the main square (across from the Klein family’s shop). People walk towards camera. Buying and selling material. Shops in

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Hitler’s butler’s home movies; Oswald Mosley, BUF in London

1938 color home movies of Kannenberg family in Germany. Two young girls (nieces) with Arthur Kannenberg and shiny black Mercedes flying small swastika. Intertitle: “Unser Vater an seinem 73.ten Geburtstag (Our father on his 73rd birthday) 21.6.38.” Grandfather, grandmother, 3 young girls bring flowers. Family scenes, including storefront “Villa Luise.” [1944 police document identifies Inger

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Duisburg Nazi Party members go to Nuremberg for Reichs Party Day

Title: “Mit der Ortsgruppe Duisburg-Scd zum Reichsparteitag Ncrnberg 1935”. Second title reads: “Schmalfilmaufnahmen von Hans Vosskamp” Nazi Party members from Duisburg-South go to Nuremberg for the 1935 Reichs Party Day. The men, dressed in uniform, gather on the platform in a train station (Duisburg?), in good spirits, conversing, purchasing refreshments from a vendor, smoking. 01:01:46

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Touring Paris

Family footage of the Herz family vacation in Europe in 1937. Footage shows images of Jewish-American life before World War II with its European roots.;LS, Versailles. Plaza, park in Paris, horse and buggy. Woman running towards the camera. Paris street scenes and shots of the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. Crowds