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Unger family visits their Jewish relatives in a Polish village

A young boy, Sy Unger, wrestles and kicks a dog in a field. Kalman Unger (man with a long beard) walks throughout the village. CU of the brick house the Ungers live in, a source of pride in a town where most houses are made of mud. Camera pans over the small town of Niebylec,

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The Dr. Henry Withers, M.D. and Frances Withers Family and Friends Collection, no. 6 – Daily Life

This home movie captures the Withers family as they carry on with their daily routines of work and play. Much of the footage shows the Withers family’s ranch, and their cattle roaming about with their calves. Also featured are the Withers children as they go skeet shooting, swim, drive in go karts, play little league

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The Dr. Henry Withers, M.D. and Frances Withers Family and Friends Collection, no. 1 – Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Ranch

This footage from the George Withers collection provides a glimpse into the daily routine of a small cattle ranch. Cattle loiter about the property, in their pen and around the house and family vehicles, while ranch hands attempt to wrangle some rambunctious calves.

Tales of a Bahr (2013)

This student film, made by Sharon Bahr, uses archival footage from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image, paired with an audio interview, to document her parents

The Richard Eisenhour Collection, no. 6 – Galveston (c. 1939)

This home movie, from an unknown Galveston family, captures scenes of life on the island. Footage includes the family enjoying time on the beach, riding the ferry, sailing in the harbor, and visiting the San Jacinto Monument. Also of note are shots of the SS City of Joliet (a freighter torpedoed and sunk in 1942

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The Ernest M. Hunt Family Film Collection, no. 7 – Rancho Feliz, 1945 – 1946

This home movie from the Hunt Family Collection documents life on E.M. Hunt’s Rancho Feliz in Berino, New Mexico, located just northwest of El Paso on the New Mexican side of the Texas-New Mexico border. Featured are the operations and activities of a working farm and ranch in the southwestern United States in the 1940s.

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The Coltman Collection, no. 4 – Travels Around Texas, 1962

This home movie from the Coltman Collection captures the family as they travel to historic sites in San Antonio and around Texas. Footage features the Riverwalk, Alamo and Spanish Governor’s Palace in San Antonio, the Dallas skyline and Trinity River, Davy Crockett National Forest in East Texas and a walk in Pease Park along Lamar

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Wallace and Elva Raney Collection – The Amarillo Stockyards (1958)

This home movie footage captures scenes of men at the Amarillo Stockyards roping calves, as well as images a baby riding on a horse with his father.