Hitler, high officials and entourage at the Berghof

Reel 7 of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records). According to IWM shotlist, the following individuals appear in this footage: Gustl Schulze-Cossens, Karl Jesko von Puttkammer, Walter Hewel, Albert Bormann, Baldur von Schirach, Heinrich Hoffmann, Khalid al Hud, Martin Bormann, Wilhelm Brueckner, Dr. Theodor Morell, Fritz Wiedemann, Nicolaus von Below, Sepp

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Eva, Hitler, wedding of Eva’s sister, Christmas, children

Reel 5 of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records).;COLOR. Title: “Ausflug zum Kehlstein.” [Excursion to Kehlstein] Nazi flag reflected in headlight of Mercedes automobile (short).;05:01:29 B/W. Car traveling on mountain road, group admiring scenery, taking pictures. Market, carnival. Group of actors filming “Der laufende Berg” in the Bavarian mountains. CU, actress

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Queen’s Day parade; visiting a deer park in the Hague

Crowded parade in the Netherlands, probably for Queen’s Day [Koninginnedag] on April 30, most likely in 1938. Floats proceed around a corner, shop sign, “J. Wagema…” visible in BG. Group of butchers in white march together holding a sign reading (in part) “De Platte Rib” with a drawing of a pig and hanging sausage links.

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Theater performance; balcony

INT of a theater. People in costume rehearse a scene in which a king and queen process across the stage, followed by men holding the King’s train. Two women (not seen heretofore on Tape 2719 or 2720 are shown sitting in the audience, no one else in audience. One of these women is shown on

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Queen’s Day celebrations in Amsterdam

Olympisch Stadion in Amsterdam. “JWB” painted on the field with a crown. Pan across the field. People holding flags visible on the sidelines. Events at the stadium during the 40th anniversary Jubilee celebrations for Queen Wilhelmina in 1938. Cars driving into the stadium and around to the section where the cameraman is seated. Crowds in

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Hanna, her mother, and aunt model kimonos on the terrace in prewar Poland

Hanna walks around in a kimono and holding a sun umbrella on the porch of their home in Jaremcze. Mother Ella and another woman are dressed similarly. Hanna walks around and plays with the umbrella

Men at a logging factory

Men in traditional dress roll a log onto a large pile. These are all felled trees. Six men labor to get it going. They finally get it there and look at the camera. Brief glimpse of the children in dark winter coats at 02:05:36

Street scenes in Amsterdam

Girls dressed in Dutch costume. The four American Jews sit outside a cafe, probably in Amsterdam. Street scenes and shots of Liza, Louis, Lily, and Essie vacationing. CUs, women with children (possibly Roma?). Walking in gardens. More scenes touring the city, including important buildings, churches, and a flower market in a square

Rachel de Groot’s performance for a swimming diploma

In order to earn a swimming diploma, children were required to swim in clothes other than a bathing suit. This practice became a performance followed by the participants swimming in their fancy outfits. Meijer de Groot filmed his daughter Rachel dressed as Red Riding Hood, and her friend Nel de Booys, the daughter of the

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Annual harvest festival at Bueckeberg