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Jewish life in prewar Kovno, Riga, and Lvov

Prewar footage (home movies) of the Katz family in 1929.;Kovno street scenes. VAR CUs of Katz family strolling along Laisves al., showing Dita’s mother Liola, grandfather, brother, uncle, and grandmother. 01:00:34 MS EXT of the grandfather’s wholesale trade store – C. KACAS – on Presidento gatve. Here, the family sold typewriters, sewing machines, and bicycles.

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Oswald Mosley, British Union of Fascists, Manchester

Cobblestoned streets, Manchester, England. Double decker bus, shops, some signs. Civilian men marching. Small band, people. Some Union Jack flags. 01:08:15 color footage of Oswald Mosley and large rectangular microphone. Speech to closely gathered crowd. Pan of crowd and Manchester brick buildings in background. Red armbands visible. Scuffles, man with bleeding head, bandaged. Speech continues,

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