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1961-1962: Seattle

A Sisak family home movie shot in Seattle, Washington while Mr. Sisak and his family were stationed there during the 1961 Berlin Crisis. The film features historical Seattle sites, including the Capitol Building and the Space Needle. The film also includes panoramas of the city, family visits to gardens, rural driving scenes and footage of

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1968 Summer: Chicago River Cruise with Godmans & Howensteins

This is footage of the Godman and Howenstein families boarding and taking a riverboat cruise along the Chicago river. David Godman (age: 3 1/2) and Andy Godman (age: 1 1/2) are seen on the boat. Iconic buildings of the Chicago skyline, such as the Hancock building, are seen.

1947: Frolick’s Halloween Party – Family & Friends – Diners & Waitresses

Home movie that begins with scenes of a 1947 Halloween party, where party guests are seen drinking and dancing. This is followed by Chicago street scenes of friends and family posing near their home, interior scenes of a neighborhood Chicago diner, a Chicago postal worker, an airport and a potato sack race in a park.

1948 circa: Circus – New York Trip

Home movie that begins with scenes of acrobats and circus performances within a circus tent. This is followed by brief scenes at an airport and various scenes of New York City, including: nuns parading down the street, the Staten Island Ferry, New York cityscape, the numerous neon signs of Times Square and a stage performance.

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