European trip, Britain–Robert N. Lupfer–home movies. Reel 10

European trip, France–Robert N. Lupfer–home movies. Reel 11

Europe 1931–Arthur Pentecost–home movies. Reel 10

Cardinal Cushing, 1964-1967–Samuel B. Horovitz–home movies. Reels 105-107

[Milton Dowe—home movies] Reel 6

Intertitle: “Remote Control: Reading an article one night about remote control, we decided to control our home by radio.”;15:40-19:32 woman sits in a living room chair doing needlepoint. Pan to her husband lying on couch reading a magazine. Radio behind him. He reads part of the article to the woman. They consult at a small

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[Maine Sea Coast Mission — home movies] Reel 16

Views of a group of men with camels and donkeys, some of the men are holding animal skin containers which seem full of a liquid. A young girl dances for the camera. Views of statues at the Temple of Karnak, near Luxor, Egypt. Views of an area by a stone wall where young men congregate.

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David Glick’s trip to Europe 1936/37

Reims, France. CU of a man with a long beard, and loose fitting clothing, holding a pigeon in his hand and feeding it, another pigeon rests on his other arm. MLS of a street in the city, a street lamp hangs from the corner of a building, and a sign above a doorway reads: “Champignons”.

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Sightseeing in Switzerland and Italy

June 27-29, 1927. Lucerne, Switzerland, views of the lake of Lucerne. 01:30:49 The Palace Hotel with mountains in BG. Covered bridge and the marketplace at Lucerne. Street scenes, bicycles, pedestrians crossing a bridge, Swiss flag on a building. Very brief CU of Carl. Lakeside views as the family travels to the Rigi tourist mountain with

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Touring Germany

Scenes of the German countryside filmed from a train. 01:00:52 Busy square in the city of Dresden with a church, market and crowds, including the Katholische Hofkirche with an ornate facade and figurative statues and a nearby tower. Along the Elbe River, a boat named “Leipzig” is docked. 01:02:02 Street scenes and a large building.

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Frieders vacation in Europe

The Frieder family takes a vacation. The first shots show a tour of the Coliseum in Rome, family at 01:07:56, and a group of schoolboys. 01:08:27 Men and women in uniform pose and salute (fascist). Views of the Arch of Constantine, outside the Coliseum, more Italian architecture, ruins, and landscape. 01:09:48 The bronze East doors

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