[Raymond Cotton—home movies] Reel 1

Intertitle: “Raymond O. Cotton presents TIME MARCHES ON. August 1937. Hiram Buys a Fire Engine. HIRAM FIRE DEPARTMENT IN ACTION.” The fire department in Hiram was started in 1937, and the creator of the film was a member of the fire department. Man goes to a fire call box on a pole, and turns the

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[Helen V. Bird–home movies] Reel 19

Viewing Notes Reel notes supplied by donor are in quotes; reel numbers are NHF-assigned below. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. Reel 19. ‘Spring 1960. Sally’s wedding. Easter 1960–May Sally Carbreni’s wedding.’ Mother [Helen] with baby. (3:10:58) Wedding at church. (3:12:23) Gravesite. (3:14:08). Baby. (3:14:18-3:14:34)

Home Movies: Can 11281: Cross-Country Road Trip, Visit to New York City and New York World’s Fair, ca. 1964-65

Home movies shot by an African American family on their road trip to New York City and the New York World’s Fair, ca. 1964-65. Includes street scenes of New York City, motels and houses of friends, and scenes shot at the Fair.

Home movies of Sigal family in Zborow, Berezhany, Vienna, and Baden

Margaret Siegal Weiss (the donor, age 12) and her father Morris (42) spent six weeks visiting family in Zborow from July to August 1936.;02:08 Title: “Main Street – The Broadway and Boulevard of Zborov” Road leading to Zborow (shot by Nathan Okun, also from Zborow – he is the man in the white hat). Pedestrians,

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East Prussia; Tannenberg Memorial; summer resort

“Kurhaus Nikolaiken” sign along the water in East Prussia. Film is heavily scratched. Traveling in a boat, woman standing on bridge. 01:10:06 The Tannenberg Memorial in Hohenstein where Hindenburg was buried in 1934. Various shots of the complex with two large statues of soldiers, wreaths. Tourists wander around. Brief shot of HJ boys exiting doorway

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Sam Rafel visits his hometown of Gombin in 1937

Footage depicts a 1937 trip to Gombin, Poland (123 km northwest of Warsaw) shot by Sam Rafel. All identifications are from the website of Ada Holtzman, a member of the Gombin Society. The first shot is a grainy, dark interior shot of a crowd of people. This might be the crowd that assembled for Sam

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World War I soldiers celebrate Regiments’ Day in Dusseldorf

Title: “Der 8. Regimentstag des Bundes ehem. 172er am 28-30 Juli 1934 in Dcsseldorf”. Second title frame reads: “Film Aufnahmen von Hans Vosskamp Fritz Jasper”. Animated cards and titles throughout. Two men holding a sign before a newspaper kiosk on a city street. Former soldiers of the 172nd Regiment from World War I gather in

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David Glick’s trip to WWI battle sites in France in the late 1920s

EXT, VS of unidentified town in France, in the vicinity of Verdun, France. Horses and carts pass by, townspeople move about the streets. Three Americans (David Glick, his wife, and an unidentified woman) standing in front of a monument and memorial to the fallen in World War I. The monument is in a town square,

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1946: Easter

Color home movie of a suburban Easter parade followed by scenes of a family posing in their residential yard and a trip to a cemetery.

1935: Holy Comforter Church Cemetery & Garden

Home movie footage of a couple