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The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 5 – Miami Vacation, The New Klondike (1925)

This intertitled home movie from Texas oilman E.B. Hopkins captures scenes of a family vacation to Miami, Florida in 1925. The family is in the Coral Gables area of Miami as the silent picture, The New Klondike, is filmed, resulting in scenes of alligators used in the film captured in this home movie. Scenes of

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The Easterwood Family Films, no. 12 – Rural Life

This home movie portrays rural life for the Easterwood family in the 1950s. Focusing primarily on the Easterwoods’ farm, the film captures many scenes of wheat fields, harvests, and farm equipment. Images of horses and ponies roaming in pastures, downtown Dimmitt, and an Easterwood family wedding anniversary celebration are also included.

The Cruz Family Collection, no. 8 – Easter Egg Hunt and Cascarones

This home movie from El Paso’s Cruz family captures scenes of a backyard Easter celebration where children and adults both burst cascarones, confetti eggs, on each others’ heads and enjoy guitar music played by the family. Later scenes of the family dancing are also included.

The Chambliss and Britton Collection, no. 3 – Parties at Gomez Baptist Church

This home movie captures scenes of various celebrations at Gomez Baptist Church in the rural Panhandle town of Brownfield. Couples dress up for a Valentine’s Day banquet, children wear costumes and play games for Halloween, and the young women at the church take part in a pageant. Also included are scenes of a potluck dinner

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The David Ayala Collection, no. 3 – Catholic Wedding Ceremony, Part III

This home movie captures scenes of the reception at an Ayala family wedding. The bride and groom dance alongside their wedding guests, and the wedding part sits to eat a beautifully decorated wedding cake.

The Jimmy Mitchell Family Films, no. 1 – Easter and Carlye’s 11th Birthday (1957)

This home movie captures scenes of the Mitchell family celebrating Easter in their Easter dresses and suits, as well as Carlye Mitchell’s 11th birthday party. At the birthday party, Carlye and her friends have fun dancing in couples in the living room.

The Steve Gomez Collection, no. 16 – Dancing at the Flores Family Christmas (1963)

This home movie captures scenes of the Flores family celebrating Christmas in 1963. After opening presents, the Flores family celebrates by dancing in the living room.

The Cummings Collection, no. 4 – Wedding and Scuba Diving in Balmorhea (1964)

This home movie captures scenes of the Cummings family celebrating a wedding at their home in El Paso, including a brief ceremony, cake cutting, and a reception. The family then hosts a wedding afterparty with a cookout by their pool. The family also goes diving at San Solomon Springs in nearby Balmorhea, using flippers and

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Yousefi Family Collection, no. 5 – The Day the Shah Ran Away (1979)

This home movie captures scenes of Plano’s Yousefi family on January 16, 1979 driving through the streets of Tehran, Iran on the day the Shah was exiled. People line the streets, gathering with great joy, and march together holding signs supporting revolutionary leader Ruhollah Khomeini. The Iranian Revolution culminated on this day with the overthrow

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The Cruz Family Collection, no. 9 – Margie Giron’s Wedding

This home movie captures scenes of Margie Giron’s wedding reception in the 1970s. The bride and groom enjoy celebrating with their family by dancing to a live band and cutting the cake before they toss the bouquet and garter belt.