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The Earl & Vera Fridley Collection, no. 1 – Family Footage, Claire

The Earl & Vera Fridley collection includes home movies documenting three generations of the Fridley family as they vacation, celebrate special events, and go about everyday life. The films date from the early 1940s through the 1980s. This film features baby Claire at 20 months old as she plays in the front yard with her

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The Richard Eisenhour Collection, no. 3 – Galveston (c. 1940)

This home movie, filmed by an unknown Galveston family, documents a number of Galveston’s historic sites. Included with scenes of the family is footage of Seawall Boulevard, the Buccaneer Hotel, Murdoch’s Bathhouse, Sui Jen (later the Balinese Room), the Galveston Ship Channel, Public School Stadium, Ursuline Academy, and a parade on Seawall Boulevard where Beaumont’s

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The Maxie Davie Family, 1958-1970, no. 2 – Daily Life

This home movie from the Maxie Davie Family collection captures scenes of every day life – the children playing at home, the family attending a community dinner party, men on combines harvesting cotton fields, and a snowman being built in the front yard. Also included are scenes of the family going on rides at a

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The Coltman Collection, no. 9 – Six Flags Over Texas, 1971

This home movie from the Coltman Collection captures the family’s trip to the Six Flags over Texas in Arlington. Highlights include a dolphin show, the carousel, and train and boat rides. There is also footage of I35.

The Ravel Films, no. 2 – Rita’s 6th Birthday (1952)

This home movie from El Paso’s Ravel family captures the family posing for a portrait with new baby Elise, followed by scenes of Rita’s 6th birthday party where children sit around a table in the backyard for a meal and cake.

Cory Welch Family Films, no. 1 – Trip to California, 1978

This home movie captures scenes of the Welch family’s trip to Disneyland where they ride a carousel and Dumbo the Flying Elephant, then meet Disney characters. Also caught on film is the family’s drive into San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Easterwood Family Films, no. 4 – Century 21 Exposition (1962)

This home movie captures scenes of the Easterwood family visiting the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair – The Century 21 Exposition. The film focuses primarily on the Space Needle, which was the tallest building west of the Mississippi at the time.

The Cruz Family Collection, no. 13 – Head Start Program at Western Playland (1972)

This home movie captures scenes of the Cruz family spending the day at Western Playland amusement park in Sunland Park, NM, a neighboring town of El Paso, as part of the Head Start Program. The young children in the program enjoy riding the carousel, park train, teacups, and other kiddie rides. The Head Start Program

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The Coltman Collection, no. 23 – Six Flags Over Texas (1969)

This home movie captures scenes of the Coltman family visiting the original Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. The family rides in canoes, on log rides and roller coasters, and sees a dolphin water show.

Cat Spring Celebration, Ft. Bend County Farm Bureau Meeting (1956)

This footage captures scenes of a parade held in Cat Spring, Texas and the Ft. Bend County Farm Bureau Meeting in 1956. In Cat Spring, marching bands, pageant royalty, church groups, and agricultural clubs participate in the parade before a community barbecue and pageant. The Fort Bend County Farm Bureau Meeting that follows was held

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