Home Movie: Can 11314: John Rieder Collection: From the Atlantic to the Blue Pacific

Home movie shot by John Rieder, probably resident of Brooklyn, New York, ca. mid-1950s. Includes scenes shot from westbound transcontinental flight on American Airlines, Sunnyvale, California, many scenes in and around San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada.

David Glick’s JDC mission to South America in the late 1930s

In color: A hydroplane is docked on the water in Trinidad. “Pan American Airlines” logo and lettering, crew members work on propellers and engine, walking along the wing, in the FG a young boy looks at the camera and watches the men on the “deck” of the plane. Several passengers board the plane, both men

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Family poses for camera; street scenes

Reel 5.;Members of the Sommer and Klein families posing for camera. Children at play. CU sign, “Garage.” Two men peeling potatoes. Shots of roof of building. Entire family posing in front of gate. CU Bernard and Emery’s sister Judith (b. 1933) in a baby carriage. Children waving at camera. CUs children, family. Man taking off

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Family business; market; shops

Reel 3.;Marketplace in Humenne with tents and shops. The Klein family’s shop was located across from this market. Peasants from the local villages traveled to Humenne on Mondays and Fridays to sell their wares. Local policemen pose for the camera with one of the American relatives (in a dark suit and hat). Cousins stand before

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Holiday celebration; street scenes; shops

Reel 3.;Intertitle: Holiday Celebration. Street scene with townspeople in costume to celebrate the Easter holiday. People walk towards camera in street, dressed nicely. Women with packages pass by. Shops in BG. Men and women in fancy clothing. Umbrellas. LV, men and women walking. Religious procession past shops on square, man in front holds metal post.

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Family poses for camera

Reel 3.;Women from the Sommer and Klein families gather for the camera. Intertitle: My Home Folks – Mother, Sister, Their Family and Friends. Family (well-dressed) walk and pose for camera. Pan of entire family (including the visiting Americans, Hermann Klein, and Jacob Grossman). Children playing on swing. Posing in front of the family shop and

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Family poses for camera; city square

Reel 4.;Women and children from the Sommer and Klein families in alley and doorway of house, they walk towards the camera. Some gather in BG (VQ: fuzzy). Children and women in a group. CU, children slowly walk towards camera. 02:00:43 Pan (left to right), men posing (all in suits, hats, overcoats), glimpse of an automobile

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Market; shops

Reel 2.;Intertitle: Market Days – Monday and Friday. Crowds mill about town square (fuzzy) on market day. 02:07:03 One of the visiting Americans buys a chicken from a vendor. Carts, cows, automobiles at the marketplace on the main square (across from the Klein family’s shop). People walk towards camera. Buying and selling material. Shops in

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Boycott of Jewish shops

The Coltman Collection, no. 15 – Boy Scouts of America Parade (1970)

This home movie captures scenes of a Boy Scouts of America parade along Lavaca Street and Congress Avenue in Austin. Footage features historic Austin buildings such as the Sheraton Crest Inn and Austin National Bank, as well as scenes of Congressman J.J. Pickle, Senator Ralph Yarborough, Governor Preston Smith, UT football players Hub Bechtol and

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