Postwar: Verdoner children emigrate to the US on a ship

CU, Yoka and Francisca Verdoner on the deck of a ship SS Gripsholm bound for the USA. This footage was shot post war, the Verdoner children were hidden children. Their mother Hilde was deported to Auschwitz and perished during the war. CU, all three Verdoner children arm in arm on deck- Francisca, Yoka and Otto.

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London street scenes with automobile and bus traffic, circa 1935-1939 when Kurt Ehrenfeld had been living there to attend high school while his family remained in Nazi Germany. MS, in Hyde Park on Oxford Street. Bus advertising “Give Havana Cigars” passes the Marble Arch. Crowds at Speakers’ Corner. Camera follows a tall man with a

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Kan family vacationing during summer in Switzerland

Side view of a bus. Plaque: “Chur – Flims Wald Haus.” Jeanne, Robert, and Betsy sit in the bus. People move luggage, seen from the rear of the bus. Robert in a lake wearing a hat and playing with an inflatable shark. He bobs the toy up and down in the water and waves. Shoreline

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German Jewish refugee boys arrive at Quincy-sous-Senart

Refugee boys from Berlin arrive at a chateau owned by Count Hubert Conquere de Monbrison in the town of Quincy-sous-Senart, located about 30 km south of Paris. He and the Princess Irena Paley (a niece of the last Russian czar who later became Monbrison’s wife) used the chateau to house refugee girls from the Russian

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Munich sights

German countryside, motorcycle passes on highway. 01:09:05 Busy street scenes in Munich – Marienplatz square, Old Town Clock Tower, Isartor City Gate, and Isar River. Nazi banners are visible on some of the buildings

OSE home for Jewish boys

OSE (Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants) home for Jewish boys in Ecouis, France. Film taken three months after the liberation of these teenagers from Buchenwald in June 1945. Film shows boys dancing and engaging in sports. Some board a bus and wave goodbye [emigration to Palestine?]. Boys visit city, socialize on the beach with girls,

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Oswald Mosley, British Union of Fascists, Manchester

Cobblestoned streets, Manchester, England. Double decker bus, shops, some signs. Civilian men marching. Small band, people. Some Union Jack flags. 01:08:15 color footage of Oswald Mosley and large rectangular microphone. Speech to closely gathered crowd. Pan of crowd and Manchester brick buildings in background. Red armbands visible. Scuffles, man with bleeding head, bandaged. Speech continues,

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The Frick 70s Collection, no. 6 – Belton Bicentennial Parade 2

This home movie from the Frick Collection captures various organizations and area schools, horseback riders, twirlers, and clowns participating in Belton’s annual July 4th Parade in 1976. The Frick Collection was donated to TAMI by John Frick and includes home movies of family Christmases, camping trips, and outings in Houston, as well as trips to

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The Father Emil Wesselsky Collection – Feeding Chickens and the Tower of the Americas (1967)

This home movie features a man and a woman feeding bread to some young chickens. It also contains footage of the construction of the Tower of the Americas in Downtown San Antonio. Opening on April 6, 1968, the observation tower served as the theme structure for HemisFair ’68, the official 1968 World’s Fair.

The Frick 70s Collection, no. 1 – Main Street Art Happening, Houston

This home movie documents a Main Street Art Happening, precursor to the International Festival, on Houston’s Main Street, including art displays, stage shows, and clowns. The Frick Collection was donated to TAMI by John Frick and includes home movies of family Christmases, camping trips, and outings in Houston, as well as trips to local Texas

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