The Historic Brownsville Museum Collection, no. 5 – Charro Days Fiesta

Charro Days Fiesta is held every year in Brownsville, TX to celebrate the rich traditions, culture and shared heritage of the Texas

The Marks Family Films, no. 4 – Rodeo Footage

This home movie contains black-and-white, silent footage of a rodeo in Texas, likely held at E.H. Marks’ ranch, the LH7. The footage highlights the events of the day, beginning with the riders making their entrance onto the rodeo grounds. Several rodeo events are featured, including cattle branding, calf roping, saddle bronc riding, steer wrestling, and

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The Baylor Family Collection, no. 28 – East Texas and Prison Rodeo

This home movie captures the Baylor family on a trip through East Texas, visiting the East Texas Indian Reservation Alabama-Coushatta and Tombigbee Lake Camping site in Livingston, and attending the Texas Prison Rodeo in Huntsville.

The Ramon Galindo Collection, no. 22 – The First Annual Aqua Festival Parade and Rodeo (1962)

This home movie captures scenes of the first annual Aqua Festival parade and rodeo in Austin in 1962. The Aqua Festival was founded in 1962 to promote Austin and the surrounding region as a destination and to boost the local economy during its slow season. This film documents one of the festival’s parades, where floats

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The Marks Family Films, no. 1 – Longhorns at LH7 Ranch (1961)

This home movie captures scenes of Emil Henry Marks, also known as E. H. Marks, surveying the longhorns at the LH7 Ranch in Barker in July 1961. Marks was one of the first cattlemen on the Gulf Coast to cross breed Brahman bulls with common longhorn cattle. His ranch, the LH7, also protected the foundation

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Wallace and Elva Raney Collection – High School Rodeo

This home movie captures scenes of a 1950s high school rodeo in Clarendon. The film includes footage of the contestants lining up, followed by bucking broncos, calf roping, and bull riding events. The film also features parades in the center of town and footage of the Raney family at their ranch.

Steiner Rodeo Footage

This film from the Robert H. Frye Collection captures scenes of competitors at the Steiner Rodeo in Austin in the 1970s. It includes images of riders on both horses and bulls, as well as footage of the rodeo clowns.


This amateur film from Ramon Galindo is titled