The Historic Brownsville Museum Collection, no. 5 – Charro Days Fiesta

Charro Days Fiesta is held every year in Brownsville, TX to celebrate the rich traditions, culture and shared heritage of the Texas

The Ramon Galindo Collection, no. 18 – Washington’s Birthday Celebration, Laredo (1963)

This home movie from the Ramon Galindo collection captures part of the 1963 Washington’s Birthday celebration held in Laredo, Texas. Footage includes a colorful parade complete with military displays, intricately choreographed marching and dancing, beauty queens, and floats sponsored by familiar brand names such as Lone Star and Busch beers. Following the parade footage is

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The Graham Collection – Charreada (1963)

This home movie captures a Mexican Charreada, an event similar to an American Rodeo. In the footage, charros ride out into the arena on horseback and compete in bull fighting. Later, the Graham family try on sombreros and enjoy a Texas sunset.