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Postwar Europe: destruction; burial; Berchtesgaden

Home movies filmed during the liberation of Germany. Chicken in grass. Milt Ramoy talking, with Earl Soltan, a German woman, and other soldiers. Milt with a typewriter. 03:59:24 Bombed rubble of German village, remains of buildings. LS, field, convoy of military vehicles. Tank traps built by the Germans line the fields to prevent US tanks

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Ruins of Nuremberg; Flag-raising

Man drives Army vehicle up into an airplane. MS, soldier. Airplane. Soldier kneeling on the ground folding a map. Pan of massive postwar destruction in Nuremberg(?). Buildings are piles of rubble, houses have been burnt and destroyed. Soldiers walk amongst the destruction. Frames of buildings stand. MS, church with half-walls, piles of debris from bombs

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Postwar destruction in Germany

Aerial views of a German city, probably Stuttgart, along the river with collapsed bridges and bomb sites. Pan of the twisted metal of bombed rail cars and railroad tracks. VAR shots of massive destruction and rubble. 01:09:30 CU, “Photographieren Verboten!” sign. Soldier talks to a woman on a bike, gesturing and trying to show her

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