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The Ernest M. Hunt Family Film Collection, no. 3 – Old Mexico Trip, 1940

Captured in this home movie from the Hunt Family Collection is a trip to Mexico City, highlights of which include the Diego Rivera home, the floating gardens of Xochimilco, and a bullfight.

Sightseeing in Switzerland and Italy

June 27-29, 1927. Lucerne, Switzerland, views of the lake of Lucerne. 01:30:49 The Palace Hotel with mountains in BG. Covered bridge and the marketplace at Lucerne. Street scenes, bicycles, pedestrians crossing a bridge, Swiss flag on a building. Very brief CU of Carl. Lakeside views as the family travels to the Rigi tourist mountain with

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Touring Germany

Scenes of the German countryside filmed from a train. 01:00:52 Busy square in the city of Dresden with a church, market and crowds, including the Katholische Hofkirche with an ornate facade and figurative statues and a nearby tower. Along the Elbe River, a boat named “Leipzig” is docked. 01:02:02 Street scenes and a large building.

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Eva Braun & family vacation; Hitler at Berghof

Reel 6 of the private motion pictures Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records).;COLOR. Inside Eva Braun’s house at Wasserburgerstrasse 12 in Munich. Eva’s father Friedrich Braun tying string around trunk. Two men removing trunk and large duffel bag to truck. Eva walking towards camera with a film camera in her hands, which she’s winding. Eva on

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Eva Braun & family on holiday cruise

Reel 3B of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records).;B/W. Scenes in a mansion. Water, mountains, people. Eva Braun and companions on board a large steamer at sea, probably the ship Milwaukee, during a trip to Norway and Denmark.;03:30:20 COLOR. Woman walking down street, stops in front of window of Hamburg-Amerika Line.

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Eva Braun with her family; Berchtesgaden terrace on Easter

Reel 4 of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun. (Seized Enemy Records.);COLOR. Scenes of buildings, boats, probably Hamburg. Eva with her family on a boat. Scenes of city and the water. Women selling fish. Out at sea, military boats, other boats. Hands from deck of boat in Nazi salute. Docking, man shaking woman’s hand.

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East Prussia; Tannenberg Memorial; summer resort

“Kurhaus Nikolaiken” sign along the water in East Prussia. Film is heavily scratched. Traveling in a boat, woman standing on bridge. 01:10:06 The Tannenberg Memorial in Hohenstein where Hindenburg was buried in 1934. Various shots of the complex with two large statues of soldiers, wreaths. Tourists wander around. Brief shot of HJ boys exiting doorway

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Alex Frieder and family visit tobacco plantations and workers in the provinces

A Filipino man riding a water buffalo takes Alex Frieder for a ride in a cart pulled by the buffalo. Tobacco field, possibly in the Cagayan Valley and other provinces in the Philippines. Native Filipino men stand before bamboo hut. Alex inspects tobacco leaves for purchase. Alex talks with villagers. Locals show him how to

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Cohen-Paraira family in the city before the war

Ellis and her brother Abraham pose in front of blooming tree, probably in Scheveningen in 1938. Deer grazing at a park in the Hague. David with Ellis and Marian Viskoop, a family friend later killed at Sobibor. 01:10:33 A pier close to the family home on Maastrichtsestraat in Scheveningen, “SCH” on the boats. 01:10:37 Good

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Vacationing on Lake Traun, Gmunden, Austria

Outside, a sign reads “Schloss Pension: Freisitz Roith” (a famous historic hotel on the Traunsee [Lake Traun] in Gmunden, Austria). Scenes of an estate at the end of a long scenic road, where children run about and peer over a railing to the view of Lake Traun with mountains surrounding it. They run back into

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