The Parra Reyes Family Films, no. 1 – A Year in the Family’s Life (1975)

This compilation of home movies from the Parra Reyes family captures a year in the life of the family’s children. Caught on film are the children looking out of the window at a snowy winter’s day, a few birthday parties, and Christmastime, including a visit to a Christmas village in downtown El Paso. The movie

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The August F. Wittenborn Collection, no. 4 – Birthdays and Holidays

The Wittenborn family celebrates several events, including Christmas, Easter, a cowboy themed birthday party, and a family trip to the zoo. The Wittenborn Family hails from Austin, Texas and the films of father August Wittenborn include scenes from numerous family vacations, holiday and birthday celebrations, and important moments in the lives of children, Heidi and

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Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 8 – Carlotta

The family celebrates Carlotta

The Ludeke Family Collection, no. 11 – Easter in Seymour, TX

James and Joreen Ludeke settled in Wichita County in 1954 and raised their 6 children on their ranch located on the former site of the Four Sixes Horse Ranch and the North West Oil field. Their film collection features scenes of farm life set against a backdrop of North Central Texas prairie, the Red River,

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The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 8 – Birthday Parties (1955-56)

In this 1950s home movie, members of the Hopkins family celebrate two birthday parties. In the first, Dani and his friends enjoy the 1920s-era attractions at what is most likely Kiddie Park in San Antonio. Established in 1925 and renovated in 2009, Kiddie Park is now the oldest children’s amusement park in the nation and

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