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The Ramon Galindo Collection, no. 12 – Release of Racing Pigeons

This home movie from the Ramon Galindo Collection captures the release of racing pigeons at the start of a race between Austin and Dallas. Also featured are skyline and aerial shots of Austin.

The Coltman Collection, no. 5 – Corpus Christi and Austin, 1968

This home movie reel from the Coltman Collection captures the family enjoying a vacation in Corpus Christi, swimming and cooking hot dogs on the beach. It also includes footage of the family back in Austin, swimming at Barton Springs and taking in fall foliage.

The Father Emil Wesselsky Collection – Wedding, Family Reunion, and Trip to Pueblo Mountain Park (1967)

This home movie from the 1960s captures family gatherings in Shiner, including a family reunion, a wedding, and the welcoming a new addition. Also included is footage of children picking wildflowers and a family trip to Pueblo Mountain Park in Colorado.

The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 2 – Baby and Peggie (c. 1925)

This home movie from Texas oilman E.B. Hopkins captures scenes of a family vacation to Miami, Florida in 1925. The family visits citrus groves, visits a Seminole tribe, meets a chimpanzee, and spends a good amount of time in downtown Miami and on the bayfront. The family also visits the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables

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The Frick 70s Collection, no. 8 – Belton Park, 1976

This home movie footage of the art fair at Belton Park during the annual Belton Parade captures visitors perusing quilt and iron works displays, square dancing, and a band playing. The Frick Collection was donated to TAMI by John Frick and includes home movies of family Christmases, camping trips, and outings in Houston, as well

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The Baylor Family Collection, no. 18 – 1972

This home movie captures the Baylor family enjoying a number of recreational activities, including visiting Garner State Park, swimming in the Frio River, and hunting rabbits and birds.

The Baylor Family Collection, no. 16 – West Texas Vacation, 1972

This home movie captures the Baylor family on a road trip through West Texas and New Mexico. Footage includes the family climbing and rolling down the sand dunes of Monahans Sandhills State Park in the Big Bend Region of West Texas, a stop at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Mount

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The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 13 – Trips to the Wider Caribbean Region

This home movie captures scenes of trips to various South and Central American countries between 1926 and 1934, including Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Martinique, and the United States Virgin Islands. In addition to sightseeing footage, the film highlights the means of transport to these destinations, from ocean liners to trains

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The Cummings Collection, no. 8 – Leavell Ranch (1968)

This home movie captures scenes of the Cummings family visiting the a dude ranch in the mountains of Colorado, Leavell Ranch, around the time that El Paso’s Leavell family purchased the ranch. The Cummings hunt, fish, camp, and enjoy the sites of the area, including rivers and forests, as they ride on horseback through the

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The Coltman Collection, no. 11 – Rocky Mountains and New York (1962)

This home movie captures scenes of the Coltman family’s vacation in the Rocky Mountains and New York in 1962. The family hikes and picnics in the mountains as well as travels to Times Square in the evening when numerous billboards are illuminated. The film’s double exposure, likely accidental, juxtaposes the natural beauty of the Rockies

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