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Aerial views of war-damaged Germany along the Rhine from U.S. Air Force plane

Aerial views of Germany and Belgium from USAF airplane. Snow-capped mountains. INT plane with male pilot (US soldier) chewing gum, controls. CU passenger (US soldier & presumably the cameraman). More aerial views, including Liege, Belgium, the city of Cologne, Rhine River, smokestacks, farmland, railroad tracks, the Cologne Cathedral, and castles along the Rhine. 01:07:48 Passenger

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Dachau; US military advance in Germany and Belgium

(black and white) LS of a field surrounded by wire fencing, inmates moving about, a watch tower is visible in FG, it is difficult to discern where these inmates are as the people are not very visible in LS. Large open field with mountains in BG. Plane flies overhead. Camera pans to road, two women

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Country pavilions at International Exposition in Paris, 1937

Daytime, line to get into the expo grounds, guards stamping passes. View of country pavilions: Denmark. Austria. Canada. 01:17:30 German pavilion – the largest at the Exposition. CUs, eagle sculpture at top of building, swastika. Belgium. Radio. Italy. Sweden. USA. Czechoslovakia. Food stalls. MSs aquarium, turtle

Cohen-Paraira family at leisure

Field with Abraham and his mother Susie Nabarro, in Dinant, Belgium. This was the last family trip before Susie died in August 1938. Horse grazing. 01:09:40 Abraham and his mother exit onto the street underneath an archway adorned with red flowers. They tour the town of Dinant, “BONDS” is written on the pink building. They

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American nurses in Belgium

Complex of brick buildings with the 51st Field Hospital, probably shot in December 1944 or January 1945 (perhaps in Huy, Belgium or Lierneaux, Belgium). 01:18:44 Beatrice poses with her camera by a guard station decorated with the Belgian flag motif. Medical trucks are parked outside and covered with snow. Men carry the sick and wounded

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The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 12 – Trip to Europe

In this home movie from 1929, E.B. Hopkins; his wife, Amy; and their two eldest daughters, Amy (known as Mimi) and Jane, travel to Holland and France. In Holland, the Hopkinses visit The Hague and Amsterdam, touring royal palaces and museums. After flying to Paris, the family explores the French capital city, making stops at

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