Mauthausen liberated by 11th US Armored Division

The 11th US Armored Division’s advances through Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Austria. Includes scenes of surrendering enemies and the liberation of Mauthausen.;Color: Countryside from moving tank. Liberation of German town: flames, civilians, some waving white flags, church. Views of German civilians from tank as US army passes through, 2 men with armbands carry a Red Cross

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Liberation of Dachau; Folk Festival in Czechoslovakia

EXT, U.S. Army medical unit loads supplies onto trucks for transport. Snow on the ground, soldiers in winter gear, VS loading large wooden crates. VS, the convoy of medical unit trucks travels over difficult terrain, dirt and mud roads, etc. MS, a truck dumps a large amount of rubble onto a dirt road, soldiers [and

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Liberating, providing aid to survivors at Buchenwald

US Army assisting survivors of Buchenwald and shots of the dead and dying.;MS Ambulance with Red Cross drives through gate into camp compound, past brick building labeled 59, many GIs walking around, can see several other same kind of brick buildings. 1:01:17 MCU some kind of entryway past brick wall manned by GIs thru which

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Dead and dying at Dachau

Closeup footage of the dead and dying in Dachau.;1:03:36 MS pan of bodies in small room. Some clothed, some not. CU of hand clutching ribbon. Pan back over same bodies. CU of some of dead. 1:04:05 MS of room in brick building bodies piled in long narrow space between two concrete partitions. CU of dead

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Liberation of Buchenwald

US Army and Lowell Thomas at Buchenwald camp just after liberation, torture devices simulated, corpses stacked in truck, pile of ashes, captured German POWs. Shot by Dick Ham, US Army Signal Corps.;Landing at Eschwege airfield, two oxen-pulling carts as Red Cross jeep passes on the road. CU of “Berlin” and “Dresden” road marker. MS civilians

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US troops in Occupied Italy

Shots in harbor, uniformed men. On small boat, rowing boats around. In cave (Blue Grotto, Capri?). On boat, American flag. Shots of land. Sailing boat. 01:03:06 underexposed shots. Garden, flowers, sailors. 01:04:06 Destroyed buildings, military vehicles. Children and military. Beach. 01:05:24 Military playing baseball. “2nd Depot Headquarters” title. Red cross van, military barracks/tents. 01:06:57 Filming

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US Army vehicles; Army-Navy Game

US military supply vehicles travelling down dirt road, arrive at Army barracks. 01:01:19 (black and white) Army vehicles, labeled 104 HQ1. “HQ 1st BN 104th F.A. Message Center” sign. Soldiers sending telegrams. Map. 01:03:25 Camouflaged weapons. 01:05:16 (color) soldiers with map, dead fox. “104th Battalion” title. Play fighting. 01:08:15 Building, CU military car, vehicles lined

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The Richard Eisenhour Collection, no. 6 – Galveston (c. 1939)

This home movie, from an unknown Galveston family, captures scenes of life on the island. Footage includes the family enjoying time on the beach, riding the ferry, sailing in the harbor, and visiting the San Jacinto Monument. Also of note are shots of the SS City of Joliet (a freighter torpedoed and sunk in 1942

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D’Ascenzo Family Memories, no. 1 – Scenes From Vietnam

This home movie from El Paso’s D’Ascenzo family captures scenes of Vietnam. Soldiers watch as bombs are dropped from planes in the distance, then back at the barracks they play with an animated puppy.

The Michael Cook, Jr. Collection – Life on Ladd Air Force Base and Back Home in San Antonio

This home movie captures scenes of Michael Cook, Jr.’s time as a U.S. Airman stationed at Ladd Air Force Base in Fairbanks, Alaska. The film also documents his life back home in San Antonio, including images of his family, his wife, and his young daughters growing up in the early 1960s.