The Alan Frye Collection, no. 10 – Gators Norvells Evolutionary History of French, Sally, Chris + More

Bands performing in a house are captured in fast motion as well as normal speed.

Eva Braun & family on holiday cruise

Reel 3B of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records).;B/W. Scenes in a mansion. Water, mountains, people. Eva Braun and companions on board a large steamer at sea, probably the ship Milwaukee, during a trip to Norway and Denmark.;03:30:20 COLOR. Woman walking down street, stops in front of window of Hamburg-Amerika Line.

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Liberation: Germany; Czechoslovakia: Soviet and American Armies

VS, high angle, woman in an overcoat walking down street, man in U.S. Army uniform holding a box, walking down street. Two separate shots of the woman walking. Cut to VS, pan of sky and clouds, for a brief moment a small plane is visible, flying low. Plane on an airstrip, the man in Army

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US Army soldiers on Omaha Beach, France

MS, parade of soldiers in naval uniforms march through city streets (unidentified army) carrying rifles. An awning sign reads: “HAMILTON and BELL.” Another store sign reads: “HUINS.” To the left, a banner hangs from a window: “SOLDIER TO SOLDIER” with drawings of a marching soldier on either side of the banner. A different group of

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Duisburg Nazi Party members go to Nuremberg for Reichs Party Day

Title: “Mit der Ortsgruppe Duisburg-Scd zum Reichsparteitag Ncrnberg 1935”. Second title reads: “Schmalfilmaufnahmen von Hans Vosskamp” Nazi Party members from Duisburg-South go to Nuremberg for the 1935 Reichs Party Day. The men, dressed in uniform, gather on the platform in a train station (Duisburg?), in good spirits, conversing, purchasing refreshments from a vendor, smoking. 01:01:46

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Girls dance outdoors in prewar Poland

The girls dance outdoors in Jaremcze in front of an ethnic band, with drum, violin, and some kind of held piano. Brief shot of their mothers Ella and Nelly on a bench

1935 Inauguration of the Philippine Commonwealth

Inauguration of the Philippine Commonwealth (of the United States). The Commonwealth was created by the Tydings-McDuffie Act, which was passed by Congress in 1934. When Manuel L. Quezon was elected president in September 1935, he became the first Filipino to head a government of the Philippines. The Commonwealth Government was inaugurated on the morning of

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Berlin street scenes (1936 Olympics)

Various shots of Berlin street scenes during the 1936 Olympics. Olympic rings, banners. CU, statue. Flags. Sign: “Der Gruessen, Die Gaeste, Der Welt.” Olympic rings. Flags. Torch, flame. Flags. Motorcade. Double-decker bus. Decorations erected in Berlin for Olympic ceremonies. Underground subway station. Flags. Putting flags up. Band playing. Crowd. Bicycles. Torch. MCU, street scene. Flags.

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US Army vehicles; Army-Navy Game

US military supply vehicles travelling down dirt road, arrive at Army barracks. 01:01:19 (black and white) Army vehicles, labeled 104 HQ1. “HQ 1st BN 104th F.A. Message Center” sign. Soldiers sending telegrams. Map. 01:03:25 Camouflaged weapons. 01:05:16 (color) soldiers with map, dead fox. “104th Battalion” title. Play fighting. 01:08:15 Building, CU military car, vehicles lined

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Glacier National Park; military parade

Mountain shots, road, truck, lake. Pans across river/lake, houses on water front. Sign for park. 01:03:05 road, car. Dark shot – possible bear walking around. Military van passes. 01:04:39 sign for Apgar Cabin Camps. Log cabins, American flag. Sign for Lake McDonald Ranger station. Man walks past camera. 01:08:13 “Tom B Moore. W.M. Wayman” title.

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