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US Army 31st Tank Battalion soldier’s wartime movies in Europe and Washington, DC

Silent amateur footage taken by Stephan Minovich, a US Army soldier and member of the HQ 31st Tank Battalion. Footage shows homefront scenes in Minovich’s hometown of Washington, DC with his wife and family, wartime scenes in England, Germany, and possibly France and Czechoslovakia circa 1944-45, and the liberation of a concentration camp.;Minovich family posing

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Family poses for camera; street scenes

Reel 5.;Members of the Sommer and Klein families posing for camera. Children at play. CU sign, “Garage.” Two men peeling potatoes. Shots of roof of building. Entire family posing in front of gate. CU Bernard and Emery’s sister Judith (b. 1933) in a baby carriage. Children waving at camera. CUs children, family. Man taking off

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Baby Babeta and Lieberman family in prewar Poland; Hanna plays in the river

Thomas stands near a baby carriage with young Babeta laying inside. Shots of baby Babeta. Numerous Lieberman family members pose for the camera with the baby sitting up in the carriage. Includes view of Grandfather Sperber (older man with a beard). The Lieberman family is now at a river, probably near Chryplin, swimming

Family visits blossoming tulips

People visit sprawling tulip fields, probably near Lisse, Netherlands, Dutch flags affixed to a sign in the field. Ellis and her friend Hetty Winkel with an automobile behind them. 01:11:43 Brief view of toddler Hester (Hesje) Jas in a backyard garden, followed by more shots and closeups of the beautiful and colorful flowers (city in

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Family in Olomouc; farming

Hanna is blowing up balloons and playing with them at the garden in Olmuetz, with a few family onlookers. They move into the garden. These women are dressed nicely. They all walk in the hills (farmland?);02:12:34 Probably Stanislawow – numerous men digging in the ground, Benno is in a white shirt. A wheelbarrow is brought

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Kan family: daily life in Amsterdam; at the beach; at home

Title in Dutch: “Betsy als baby in 1928” Scenes of a baby in a carriage and two women – Jeanne holding baby Marcus?, walking down the street. 01:00:56 On a different day (notice clothing), children with adults in a street. A little girl in white (Betsy?) looks up at the camera. 01:01:51 At the beach,

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Gasul children at home near Chicago

Title: “And here is ‘Home Sweet Home’ and the Children.” Short sequence of the three Gasul children. CU, baby with bonnet (Judy, the donor) in carriage. Sister (Sandra) in red velvet dress plays with Judy. MS, three girls sitting on the bench. Oldest sister (Gloria) in same red velvet dress holds Judy on her lap

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