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Baby Babeta and Lieberman family in prewar Poland; Hanna plays in the river

Thomas stands near a baby carriage with young Babeta laying inside. Shots of baby Babeta. Numerous Lieberman family members pose for the camera with the baby sitting up in the carriage. Includes view of Grandfather Sperber (older man with a beard). The Lieberman family is now at a river, probably near Chryplin, swimming

Family visits blossoming tulips

People visit sprawling tulip fields, probably near Lisse, Netherlands, Dutch flags affixed to a sign in the field. Ellis and her friend Hetty Winkel with an automobile behind them. 01:11:43 Brief view of toddler Hester (Hesje) Jas in a backyard garden, followed by more shots and closeups of the beautiful and colorful flowers (city in

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Gasul children at home near Chicago

Title: “And here is ‘Home Sweet Home’ and the Children.” Short sequence of the three Gasul children. CU, baby with bonnet (Judy, the donor) in carriage. Sister (Sandra) in red velvet dress plays with Judy. MS, three girls sitting on the bench. Oldest sister (Gloria) in same red velvet dress holds Judy on her lap

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Children playing in prewar Vienna

Possibly a kindergarten scene. Four little girls, posing for the camera, then running about happily. An infant is being placed into its carriage, CUs. Another baby. A few mothers with carriages gathered on a sidewalk. Children play. They begin raking sand or dirt of some kind.;01:01:08 Kids play, boys in lederhosen with hoops and sticks,

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Vacationing on Lake Traun, Gmunden, Austria

Outside, a sign reads “Schloss Pension: Freisitz Roith” (a famous historic hotel on the Traunsee [Lake Traun] in Gmunden, Austria). Scenes of an estate at the end of a long scenic road, where children run about and peer over a railing to the view of Lake Traun with mountains surrounding it. They run back into

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Baby grows up with Schur family in prewar Vienna

In winter, mother pushes baby carriage and toddler walks alongside. Sequences of developing baby as she is bathed, stretched, plays on tummy, smiles, cries, sits in the grass, plays with a rattle. Some damage to image from 01:28:38 to 01:28:47. Baby sits in the grass. Peter on a toy car. 01:28:56 The entire family sits

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Family relaxes in a park in prewar Olomouc while Hanna plays

Hanna with a baby carriage is on camera briefly. Benedikt, Ella, and other adults (Ella’s relatives) walk down a path. They are all sitting on park benches. Hanna runs about as the adults talk. CUs, adults. Shots of all of the people there. Hanna puts things into a garbage can

De Groot family walks to Sonsbeek Park; Castle Zypendaal

The de Groot family walking in Sonsbeek Park. People riding bikes. An older man (Max Turksma, Meijer de Groot’s bridge parter) with a cigar on a bicycle greets the cameraman.;Cut to a different outing in Arnhem with a view of Castle Zypendaal, the large mansion owned by Baron von Heemstra where Audrey Hepburn and her

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Riding the merry go round and walking along gardens in prewar Netherlands

Mother Sophia de Groot’s sister Esther, her husband Max van der Stam, and their son Freddy visited Arnhem probably in 1937. The entire family rides a carousel in a city park. 01:21:30 CU from behind of Max, the man with a hat, watching the carousel go around. In another round, the riders include one of

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