The Marcellus Hartman Collection, no. 24 – 90th Replacement Batallion, Long Binh Post, Vietnam, 1971

Filmed at the 90th Replacement Batallion on the Long Binh Post, this home movie footage captures the scenery and comings and goings around the base. Located about 20 miles outside of Saigon, this location was the U.S. Army’s Vietnam Headquarters. The Marcellus Hartman Collection consists of over 300 Super 8 films made by Hartman, a

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The Ludeke Family Collection, no. 11 – Easter in Seymour, TX

James and Joreen Ludeke settled in Wichita County in 1954 and raised their 6 children on their ranch located on the former site of the Four Sixes Horse Ranch and the North West Oil field. Their film collection features scenes of farm life set against a backdrop of North Central Texas prairie, the Red River,

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1962: Chicago – Going to Airport

This home movie opens with shots of swimmers wading in the shores of Lake Michigan. It then transitions to a scenic drive through Chicago neighorhoods, including a drivers POV down Martin Luher King Boulevard in the Bronzeville neighborhood. Establishments featured include the Regal Cinema, Vito’s Super Mart, Essex Motel and Church of Divine Guidance.

Dassler-Lichte wedding, July 1941–Dassler family–home movies. Reel 17

Copley Plaza, 1927–Arthur Race–home movies. Reel 7

Charles, John and Mary Ranlett in Bangor and Lucerne, Maine, 1938–Ranlett–home movies

Black-and-white home movie shot in 1938 of the Ranlett family at the beach at Lucerne-in-Maine and at home in Bangor, Maine.

Car ride, trains, Boothbay, February 1927–Arthur Race–home movies. Reel 1

Central Maine Power Oldtimers [Part 1 of 4]

Autos of Yesteryear, Winthrop, Maine–Walter V. Mitton–home movies. Reel 21

[Whipple–home movies] Reel 8