Liberation: Luxembourg, Cologne; US Army soldiers; wounded men; field hospital

Liberation of Dachau; Folk Festival in Czechoslovakia

EXT, U.S. Army medical unit loads supplies onto trucks for transport. Snow on the ground, soldiers in winter gear, VS loading large wooden crates. VS, the convoy of medical unit trucks travels over difficult terrain, dirt and mud roads, etc. MS, a truck dumps a large amount of rubble onto a dirt road, soldiers [and

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U.S. Army soldiers; surgery; hospital; Gen. Patton; liberated villagers

Hungarian officials tour Hajduhadhaz labor camp

Andras Galambos and fellow laborer Ladislaus Radnai documented their Jewish forced labor battalion’s efforts with still and motion picture cameras. This film shows an official visit of politicians and military officers to Hajduhadhaz labor camp, likely for an exhibition of the laborers’ photographs. Several high-ranking officials are probably pictured, including Defense Minister Karoly Beregffy, General

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