Liberation: Luxembourg, Cologne; US Army soldiers; wounded men; field hospital

Destruction in Magdeburg

General views of destruction in Magdeburg. MS man walks bicycle past rubbled facade of buildings, pan left across street to more damaged building frames. MS of smashed streetcars. MCU tilt up damaged building frame, deep blue sky. LS through rubble strewn passage, large steel cylindrical structure in BG. 01:07:03 The Brabag “Gasometer” in Magdeburg. 01:07:14

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Postwar destruction; liberation of Dachau; DPs going home

***The clip that is viewable online is a selected excerpt from the complete story – timecode 06:06:27 to 06:15:14.***;8mm color and b/w motion pictures taken by Dr. Myron E. Greene (a dentist) during his five years in the Army. His unit took over Dachau from the 45th Div. at noon on April 29, 1945.;Scenes showing

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Liberating, providing aid to survivors at Buchenwald

US Army assisting survivors of Buchenwald and shots of the dead and dying.;MS Ambulance with Red Cross drives through gate into camp compound, past brick building labeled 59, many GIs walking around, can see several other same kind of brick buildings. 1:01:17 MCU some kind of entryway past brick wall manned by GIs thru which

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American nurses in Belgium

Complex of brick buildings with the 51st Field Hospital, probably shot in December 1944 or January 1945 (perhaps in Huy, Belgium or Lierneaux, Belgium). 01:18:44 Beatrice poses with her camera by a guard station decorated with the Belgian flag motif. Medical trucks are parked outside and covered with snow. Men carry the sick and wounded

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The Alan Frye Collection, no. 26 – Football, Family, and Derailed Train

This collection of home movie footage captures a football game, family time, and a derailed train.