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Postwar Europe: destruction; burial; Berchtesgaden

Home movies filmed during the liberation of Germany. Chicken in grass. Milt Ramoy talking, with Earl Soltan, a German woman, and other soldiers. Milt with a typewriter. 03:59:24 Bombed rubble of German village, remains of buildings. LS, field, convoy of military vehicles. Tank traps built by the Germans line the fields to prevent US tanks

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U.S. soldiers at Berchtesgaden; marching in Munich; boarding trains with locals to go home

Driving in the countryside around Munich (1945), now in the area around Berchtesgaden. Beautiful shot of the Alps mountains while driving over a river. Soldiers stop alongside the road and enjoy a moment in the sun. A convoy pulls up to the wreckage of Hitler’s headquarters at Berchtesgaden. The camera looks down from the mountainside

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Kan family vacationing during winter in Switzerland

Hand-drawn title card with a ski hill, Swiss flag, and building: “Winter 1931-32 St. Moritz.” At a train station. Scenic shots of the city of St. Moritz and surrounding mountains. Jeanne, wearing a hat, fur coat, and heels;walking up an angled street towards the camera. Cresta Run toboggan course. Scenic shot of the city, more

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