Austin Aquatic Club Goes to Corpus Christi (1966)

An Austin Aquatic Club visit to a Corpus Christi beach is captured in this 1966 home movie footage. The Austin Aquatic Club, now known as Longhorn Aquatics, was coached and directed by former All-American Longhorn water polo swimmer, Wally Pryor from 1953 to 1975. This mob of candid youths mug for the camera and take

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Home Movies: Can 11255: Pellegrini Collection: San Francisco and Santa Cruz, ca. 1938

Home movies probably shot by the Pellegrini family of San Francisco, California. Scenes include family activities in and around San Francisco, the city of San Francisco coastline and waterfront, workers (probably Works Progress Administration workers) constructing sidewalks near Great Highway and Sloat Boulevard, San Francisco, a long shot looking over the Sunset District, which at

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The Ramon Galindo Collection, no. 21 – Airplane Rides and Snow in Austin (1963-64)

This intertitled home movie captures scenes of Austin from an airplane in 1963-64 and an unusual snowfall in Austin in 1964. The Galindo family paid $1 to go up in an airplane and fly over Austin. The family took two trips that were filmed in this home movie–one in 1963 and one in 1964. Later

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Corpus Christi Concert With William Bendix and Peter Palmer

This home movie from the Ryan-Martin Collection captures scenes of a concert in 1960 near Corpus Christi, Texas. Many performers take the stage, including Peter Palmer, William Bendix, Rose Marie, the Holly Twins, and Susan Hall. Scenes include several performances, as well as the acts signing autographs and posing for photos with Sari Martin and

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HP Wells Family Films – Christmas, Caroling, and a Snowman (1960)

This home movie from the HP Wells family captures scenes of children enjoying Christmas and wintertime activities in 1960, including Christmas caroling, playing with presents, and building a snowman.

The Figueroa Family Collection – Wedding Reception and a Veil in the Wind

This home movie from the Figueroa family captures scenes of a bride and groom dancing at their wedding reception as a live band plays and friends and family look on. Also included are images of the bride in her gown, her veil contending with the wind, as well as images of the family in their

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The Figueroa Family Collection – Wedding Ceremony

This home movie from the Figueroa family captures scenes of a bride being assisted in attaching her veil before her wedding ceremony. The small ceremony takes place, then the newlyweds are congratulated by the gathered friends and family before posing for the camera outside.

The Figueroa Family Collection – Family Picnic

This home movie from the Amadtta Figueroa collection captures scenes of the family in and around the house and at a family picnic, where the children have a watermelon eating contest.

The Cristela Gonzalez Bond Collection, no. 1 – A Stroll in Sombreros

This home movie from the 1960s features mutliple generations of the Gonzalez family strolling the streets of a city, possibly in Mexico. Costumed little boys wear sombreros and play with toy guns. The women of the family wear nice dresses and smile for the camera.

The Graham Collection – Ascarate Park and Oil Drilling

This home movie from the 1960s captures the Graham family’s visits to Ascarate Park in El Paso, as well as several birthday and holiday celebrations. At the park, family members engage in all sorts of recreational activities, from water skiing to fishing to camping. Later in the footage, individuals test the ground with explosives and

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