Home Movie: 98615: Unidentified

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The Local Gang in Kidnappers Foil – Childress, TX, c.1936

This version of an Our Gang style itinerant film, made by Texan filmmaker Melton Barker, stars a local cast from Childress, Texas circa 1936. When their friend Betty Davis is kidnapped, the local children pull together to find her. Once the kidnappers are caught and turned over to the police, the gang celebrates with a

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The Orris D. Brown Collection, no. 6 – Houston, Henderson, and FDR (1936)

This reel from the Orris D. Brown Collection contains footage from a number of events. The first part includes examples of early film credit techniques, footage of a then-modern, diesel electric streamlined train at Houston’s Railway Post Office, fireworks over Houston’s Buffalo Stadium, and scenes of Clara Mae Brown, Orris D. Brown’s mother, visiting family

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The Orris D. Brown Collection, no. 1 – Dallas Centennial Exposition, A Holiday on Treasure Island (1936, 1937)

This home movie from the Orris Brown Collection captures scenes of the Texas Centennial Exposition at the Texas State Fair Grounds in Dallas in 1936. It was the first world’s fair south of the Mason-Dixon Line. At a cost of $25,000,000, the central exposition was built, occupying fifty buildings, including The Hall of Negro Life,

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HP Wells Family Films – Texas Cowboy Reunion (1939)

This home movie from the HP Wells Family Films opens on the Stamford Rodeo, also known as the Texas Cowboy Reunion, in 1939. Men and women ride horses in a cloverleaf pattern, and men ride bucking broncos and wrangle calves. The film also includes scenes of a game of golf, a father playing outside with

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The Bentsen Film Collection, no. 9 – Panorama of House and Yard

This home movie from the Alton Collection documents the family’s newly completed home, located on North Conway in Mission, Texas.

The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 15 – Texas Oil Fields (1937)

This home movie from the 1930s captures scenes of various Texas oil fields. The film begins with a look at the Panhandle field, as oilman E.B. Hopkins checks out a number of wells. Next, he visits the Sam Fordyce oil and gas field in Hidalgo County. While in nearby McAllen, Hopkins stays at the Casa

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The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 9 – Family Celebrations and Texas Happenings (1937-38)

This home movie features a number of Hopkins family celebrations and happenings around Texas in 1937 and 1938. The film opens with the wedding of E.B. Hopkins’s eldest daughter, Amy, to Ted Fitch. Next, E.B. Hopkins tours the Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas’ Fair Park, focusing on buildings such as the Hall of State, the

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A. M. Harper, 1948

This home movie contains footage from an Alaskan hunting trip with intertitles describing different locations and events. Also included are shots of Harper and hunting companions field dressing a bear after a hunt.

The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 13 – Trips to the Wider Caribbean Region

This home movie captures scenes of trips to various South and Central American countries between 1926 and 1934, including Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Martinique, and the United States Virgin Islands. In addition to sightseeing footage, the film highlights the means of transport to these destinations, from ocean liners to trains

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