HMR Upload Guide

Additions to the registry guide:
Registry work from start to finish — from initial outreach to archives to uploading metadata to database

Form letter for outreach to archives and individuals

Home Movie Registry
Steps to scraping data, cleaning up data, and importing data into wordpress database


Using Outwit Hub Pro
First, create a scraper, and name it
-look in HTML code of the site you’re scraping for the html before and after the data you want
[insert example here]
-create your schema
-click “scraped” on left pane
[check] deduplicate
PRO TIP: export is an option, but this tends to crash the program
-Select All à capture

to use a scraper you’ve already created:
auto explore pages –>fast scrape

[refer to the CHM Registry Cataloging Guide]
Start with an excel spreadsheet from an archive
-ensure that this data is good, ie data that we want ingested into the HMR
-map their fields to our existing fields [insert link to our schema]
-ideally, ask the archive to give you a list of links for each item on the spreadsheet

*PRO TIP: do not import more than 200 fields at once; it’s ok to edit all at once

import as a .csv file
[check] save all contents as shown
[check] quote all text cells

Registry –>Tools –>Import–>CSV–>Choose file–>Upload file & import

Once records are imported, clean up data as needed, post by post

Can go in and make mass edits, search and replaces, etc. as a spreadsheet and then save as a .csv for import. For example, if you mess up html by having an extra space or something of the like, you can go in and do a mass change in spreadsheet mode.