Exhibit – Home Movies and the African American Community

Home Movies and the African American Community

As a historical resource, home movies provide a direct and personal look into the lives of African Americans. Culturally, these home movies document their way of life through everyday personal experiences and social interactions. Since the introduction of film in the United States, home movie recording was one of the first opportunities for self-documentation. Historically, people of color had little control over how they were represented in the media. The traditional narratives of slavery and segregation had come to define black history and culture. But, the idea of self-documentation and narrating one’s own history was ushered in with the popularity and newfound affordability of amateur filmmaking in an economically thriving post WWII United States. Through home movie recording, underrepresented and marginalized ethnic groups were presented with the opportunity to tell their story.


Exhibit curated by Jasmyn Castro, African American Home Movie Archive

Home Movies Can 11279 Omega Psi Phi Grand Conclave Detroit Michigan December 27 30 1965 Home Movie Registry
Texas Archive of the Moving Image - The Marcellus Hartman Collection

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