Postwar: Verdoner children emigrate to the US on a ship

CU, Yoka and Francisca Verdoner on the deck of a ship SS Gripsholm bound for the USA. This footage was shot post war, the Verdoner children were hidden children. Their mother Hilde was deported to Auschwitz and perished during the war. CU, all three Verdoner children arm in arm on deck- Francisca, Yoka and Otto.

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Postwar: Verdoner family at the beach

EXT, Yoka Verdoner playing table tennis. Francisca Verdoner walking among cabanas at the beach in Zandvoort, near Haarlem, the Verdoner family’s summer vacation spot. This footage was shot post war. The Verdoner children were hidden children. Their mother Hilde was deported to Auschwitz where she perished. CU of the children at the beach. Yoka and

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Verdoner baby

Baby- Francisca Verdoner Kan – bathing, dressing, in crib, etc. Scenes with mother or nursemaid. Scenes with sister Yoka, father and grandfather

Verdoner family and friends out in Hilversum

Verdoner family and friends out for a stroll on a late fall/early winter day in Hilversum, Holland. Yoka Verdoner, her mother Hilde Verdoner, Francisca Verdoner in baby carriage, and several other children, women and men (possibly relatives or friends, the family is indentified as the Cohen family in original captions that accompany films). Walking through

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Verdoner family on vacation in the Alps

Scenes from the Verdoner family’s winter vacation, skiing in the Alps in Switzerland. VS of ski slopes and countryside. Hilde and Gerrit Verdoner are identifiable. VS of people lining up on the slopes, cross country skiing, climbing uphill, etc. Shot of ski lift and people getting on lift. VS of ski resort/lodge taken from the

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Verdoner family at home

Verdoner family at home. INT, scenes of Hilde Verdoner with baby Francisca Verdoner being fed, crawling around with bare bottom. Scenes in their home. Scenes of Francisca potty-training, hamming it up for the camera, calling to the cameraman. VS, Yoka and Francisca playing together, eating dinner at table. Yoka feeds herself

Verdoner children at home

Francisca Verdoner Kan, as a young baby in her crib. Her mother Hilde is also in the scene. The crib is placed outside in the garden. VS, family members in the garden, three women and a man at the table eating. Yoka Verdoner, the eldest child is also present

Verdoner child plays in the yard

Yoka Verdoner, playing in her yard, alone, then in the company of her mother, another woman, father and grandfather

Verdoner family at the beach

Verdoner family on summer holdiay in Zandvoort, Holland, a beach resort town near Haarlem. VS, Yoka and Francisca digging in the sand with their mother and father. Playing in the sand with other children, also older children

Verdoner family at the beach in Zandvoort

VS, Yoka frolicking in the water at the beach, in the resort town of Zandvoort, near Haarlem on the Dutch coast. Yoka playing with her mother in the water, as well as a man (relative or friend?). VS, Yoka and her father, Gerrit, she is on his shoulders and they are running around the beach.

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