Children playing in prewar Vienna

Possibly a kindergarten scene. Four little girls, posing for the camera, then running about happily. An infant is being placed into its carriage, CUs. Another baby. A few mothers with carriages gathered on a sidewalk. Children play. They begin raking sand or dirt of some kind.;01:01:08 Kids play, boys in lederhosen with hoops and sticks,

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Montessori school in Vienna

Peter Schur, dressed for winter, a lunch box hanging from his neck, is helped into the backseat of a car. Scenes from inside the car as it drives down a street lined with trees, snow. The car was later confiscated by the Nazis, along with a revolver and some gold coins. 01:14:56 Seasons change, scenes

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Children playing with mother

Peter and Eva Schur chase a ball with their mother

Children at play in prewar Vienna

Vacationing on Lake Traun, Gmunden, Austria

Outside, a sign reads “Schloss Pension: Freisitz Roith” (a famous historic hotel on the Traunsee [Lake Traun] in Gmunden, Austria). Scenes of an estate at the end of a long scenic road, where children run about and peer over a railing to the view of Lake Traun with mountains surrounding it. They run back into

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Peter as a baby

Peter Schur gets a diaper change. He lies on the bed, plays, is held, fed, and generally loved by the family, including mom Helen, nurse, and dad Max

Children play with bunnies in prewar Vienna

Peter Schur rides down the street on his scooter, which seems more his size now. He cuts paper, then boils an egg. People come over with a basket, followed by scenes outdoors with a plate of eggs, and then shots of rabbits (perhaps this is Easter?). The kids play with the rabbits

Peter grows up

Baby Peter developing and growing up. CUs and MSs of the baby in a high chair, crib, playing peek-a-boo, crawling, playing with sister, ring a rosie in the garden, toddling, walking with father (Dr. Max Schur), picking fruit from bushes in the garden, and drinking water from a large bucket or barrel

Children play

Children playing on the porch with adults lounging. Dr. Max Schur and Dr. Helen Schur, parents, seated in chairs behind the children

Baby grows up with Schur family in prewar Vienna

In winter, mother pushes baby carriage and toddler walks alongside. Sequences of developing baby as she is bathed, stretched, plays on tummy, smiles, cries, sits in the grass, plays with a rattle. Some damage to image from 01:28:38 to 01:28:47. Baby sits in the grass. Peter on a toy car. 01:28:56 The entire family sits

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